Adam and Chelsea Marshall

Adam & Chelsea Marshall

Adam Marshall came on staff in January of 2014. He went through the School of Discipleship in 2004 after being a Rancher and on summer staff for about six years. He graduated from the program in 2005 and went into the work field where he held multiple jobs throughout the years.From his work, he was able to obtain different skills that he now applies in the Operations Department where he now serves. He married Chelsea (McCormick) Marshall in the fall of 2018. Chelsea currently works at an assisted living home and volunteers at the Ranch when she can. Adam and Chelsea welcomed their first baby, Titus, in December of 2019.


The Marshall Report

April 2021

As we are quickly approaching spring and all the excitement that goes along with it, we would like to take some time to give you an update on our ministry here at Miracle Mountain Ranch. Although the winter was long and cold, we have seen much growth in the students attending the School of Discipleship. The students recently had the opportunity to share their testimonies and devotionals from their meditation projects, through their presentation it was very evident that God is doing a great work in all of their lives. It is amazing to see what the Lord has done in their lives since they first came to the Ranch. We are excited to see what God has planned for their lives in the upcoming months.

Because we have a very small group of students this year, Adam and the guys have not had the students at the shop on a daily basis for chore time. This is due to other departments having more of a need for help and not having enough students to go around. Because of this Adam and I have tried to be more intentional about having them down to our home more often for fellowship, games, study time, and movie nights. Chelsea has also been blessed by opportunities to mentor some of the single girls that are also on staff here at MMR. It is so encouraging to see the growth in some of these young girls and how God has used us in their lives.

With summer quickly approaching we are praying that God would bless the Ranch with the ability to have overnight camps. We already have quite a few kids registered for summer camp and know that the Lord has big plans for the upcoming camp season. We have also had many applications for summer staff come in already. However, as you can imagine with a smaller group of students, we are in need of more summer staff than normal years. If you know anyone that may be interested in coming to volunteer or to join our summer staff, then please let us know.

Personal Updates

Titus continues to grow and learn new things each day. We can hardly believe that he is already a year and a half. He is a very social little boy and loves being around people. It has been fun to see him interacting with others and seeing him recognizing people that he knows. Although he is not quite walking, he has taken some steps but seems to be more interested in crawling. However, this does not stop him, he is a very serious little boy and loves to explore new places and get into everything. He continues to receive Physical Therapy once a week. We are currently working on his balance so that he will be more confident walking. His therapist informed me that she anticipates that he may only need services for another 3 months.

This past February Adam and I were over joyed to find out that we were expecting our second child. Sadly at 6 weeks gestation we experienced a miscarriage. As you can imagine this was a very trying time for our little family. It was hard to accept that God would take this tiny little baby from us. However, we were also reminded how much God loves us as he used many of our close family and friends to remind us of how loving and kind he truly is. Chelsea had many friends reach out to her that have experience that same thing, which helped immensely with her healing. We are so grateful that the Lord has placed so many people in our lives to help us through the joyous times and the trying times.

You may remember that we asked for prayer in our last newsletter for a larger vehicle for our family. We are pleased to report that the Lord has answered that prayer and provided us with a minivan. Adam had been looking for quite a few months and finally found one in Florida that was in our price range. We had Dave Wayde a friend and volunteer at the ranch look it over for us. We flew down and drove the van home. We also used this time as a family vacations taking a week to drive home, we stayed with Friends along our journey and made many memories.

Adam has been busy working in the shop on various vehicles and equipment. They currently have two tractors they are doing maintenance on for hay season and a dozer they recently got for helping with some construction projects. Adam says, “She’s not pretty, but she should do the trick.” Nathan one of the other operations guys, along with the help of the kitchen girls have been preparing metal for building some new bunkbeds for some of our bunk houses. This is a fairly large projects we are hoping to have 40 new bunk beds made by this summer. We are also working on our bus getting it ready for our Mexico Missions trip over Easter vacation. They are hoping to drill at least two more wells this year when they are in country. Another project we are working on is helping the fire hall move dirt and take down two houses, not only does this help the fire hall but the ranch is able to get a lot of good material for upcoming building projects for the price of fuel.

As Chelsea said earlier, we are looking for more volunteers and paid summer staff to help out this year. I am looking forward to working with the teenage volunteers I will supervise and work with this summer. If you know any volunteers that would like to helping cut grass, make hay, and work in the shop with us please let me know, it is an awesome place to spend a few weeks or even the whole summer. We want to thank all of you for your continued prayer and support. I know with this virus things have been challenging, but you have continued to support us and we appreciate that so much. Please be in prayer with us for souls to be saved this summer and safety for the staff and kids.