Ben Harrison

Ben Harrison

Ben Harrison graduated from horseshoeing school, came as summer staff, and saw the opportunity to serve. Ben loved the unique opportunity the Ranch provided to both boldly share the Gospel as well as teach about God’s amazing creation. Ben came on staff in the fall of 2021 and serves as the resident Farrier and Assistant Trainer.


Ben Harrison’s Newsletter

Dear Friends,

A lot has happened in the last couple months of starting my new journey in life here at Miracle Mountain Ranch, MMR. There have been many big decisions and tough ones too, but it has been incredible to see God’s work and continued provision through it all. I have been so blessed to have so many friends and family that were willing to come along-side, join, and support me in my ministry here at MMR.

Here at the Ranch, my responsibilities include farrier work, training, and equine equipment maintenance. Farrier work is my primary responsibility and it involves the general hoof care, trimming, and shoeing of all horses on property. I am also responsible in assisting Mr. Freeman, the Equine Director, with general training and riding. With the large herd of horses the Ranch has been blessed with, there is a lot of maintenance riding involved to keep them ready for summer camps! Currently, there is a team of quarter horses, Doc and Wyatt, that had been donated to the Ranch as a potential blessing. In their previous career, they had pulled carts as a team. However over the last couple months, I have been working on getting them to be solid, quiet riding horses. I have had many good, but challenging, sessions with them and have seen good improvement! The ultimate goal for Doc and Wyatt is to be reliable horses in the trail program and to pull carts again by summer camp! Prayers for continued clarity and patient perseverance as I continue to work with them to accomplish this goal. In the equine equipment department, I have been working on rebuilding some of the Ranches cart and buggy components. I have recently begun to construct a new training drag as well. A training drag is used to get the horses comfortable with having something “chasing” them and getting them used to the resistance of pulling, all with equipment that they can’t hurt and aren’t able to hurt themselves on. This will be a helpful tool for Doc and Wyatt, and many other horses to come.

As MMR staff, I had the opportunity to attend Faith Biblical Counseling Conference in Lafayette, IN. This week-long conference was an amazing opportunity to learn and grow in the field of biblical counseling! Strong biblical teaching, practical application of biblical truths, and interpersonal conflict resolution were the biblical tools that we were equipped with during this time. With the amount of young students here at the Ranch, the conference provided good ways to encourage them in the healthy process of biblical reconciliation. This has also been a helpful reminder in my life of the many opportunities that we, as believers, have to seek reconciliation and restoration with God and others.

Most importantly, it has been incredible to watch God work in the lives of the students! Out of all my responsibilities, I most enjoy being able to encourage and teach eager students who have the same interest in Christ and horses! God is working daily and continues to allow me to be a part of the amazing ways He is using MMR as a conduit to carry out His work!

Thank You So much for your prayers and support!

Ben Harrison