Hungerford Family

Chip and Sandy Hungerford

Chip and Sandy Hungerford came on staff in 1988. Chip serves as the Business Manager and Guest Service Director overseeing Finances, Guest Registration, and Housing. Sandy teaches Vaulting and is the camp store manager. They have six children of which Sandy is currently homeschooling two. Sandy is a graduate of School of Discipleship (1986).


Hungerford’s Summer 2022 Newsletter

Greetings from the Ranch
What a difference just a couple weeks can make. For the last four months, our lives have been filled with nonstop activity, which include having over 350 people here at any given moment. After our graduation ceremony for our School of Disciple Students, we had two weeks with nobody here. It sure was quiet. That left us with just a skeleton crew to take care of the animals and do a deep cleaning of the dorms and other facilities before everything started all over again.

Winter and Spring Update
This winter and spring we had many retreats including: youth retreats, men’s retreat, a quilters retreat, a family fun day, horse lovers, mother daughter day, father son retreat, a CHA a horse clinic, and our annual Memorial Day Open House. We had good attendance for all. The first week of June we kicked off our summer with a rental camp from a home school group called The Potter’s School. They are an online school program and have students from all over the world, so we had kids and families from throughout the country and overseas attend this event. We’ve had this group in previous years; however this is the first time they’ve been back since COVID 19 hit.

Along with Chip’s normal duties in the office, he was very involved in remodeling a bunkhouse that has three housing units in it, each holding up to ten people. We had gutted it the previous fall and torn out all the old rough sawn wood. This spring we raised the ceilings, plastered the walls, leveled some of the floors, put in new doors and windows, and put up 1×6 tongue and groove pine on the ceilings. We also added heating and air conditioning to these three units. Chip also assisted in the construction of a brand new bunkhouse to replace one of our older ones. This new unit includes heat and air, restrooms, and a changing room. These are quite the upgrade from our older bunkhouses. Shawn did a lot of the work on both the remodeling of the old bunkhouse and the construction of the new bunkhouse. Both bunkhouses were done just in time to welcome the ranchers for the first week of camp.

Sandy was heavily involved at the barn, teaching and overseeing the riding classes for our students. She really enjoys working with the students and the horses. As summer approached, she was also busy ordering and restocking items in the camp store, preparing for another camping season.

Summer Camp
Our summer camps were very well attended with 1,223 kids over the summer. This is one of the largest summers we have had since we arrived in 1988. Even more exciting are the 71 decisions made to accept Jesus as Savior. In addition to salvation decisions, numerous kids and staff made commitments to deepen their walk with the Lord. At the beginning of June we weren’t sure we would have enough counselors to fill the bunkhouses we already had filled with kids, but the Lord was so faithful to supply all those we needed. We had an awesome summer staff of counselors, horse barn staff, kitchen staff, volunteers and others that were all a part of making summer happen. Thank you so much for your prayers and gifts that made summer camp possible this year.

With the majority of the bunkhouse remolding completed, Chip was able to devote most of his time this summer keeping up with the demands in the office. Sandy was busy balancing the management of the store while overseeing the riding program. Thankfully, God provided excellent help in both the store and in the riding program, which allowed both programs to run very smoothly.

School of Discipleship
As in every year, we were sad to say goodbye to this past year’s students. We are excited however, to see what God has planned for them next. Eleven of these students will be staying on to attend our second year program working in a specific area of focus and attending additional classes. Our next set of students came in this past weekend, with twenty-three girls and seven guys. We will be working closely with Jazlyn who is a second year student majoring in programming, and Hannah a first year student. Both are excited to continue to grow in their relationship with the Lord and we are excited to be a part of their lives this year..

New Staff
There is always transition happening here at the Ranch. This year our registrar, who works under Chip and has taken on many of his office responsibilities, transitioned to motherhood the day after summer camp ended (what timing). Our housekeeper, who also works under Chip and has also been a tremendous blessing, is moving over to the program department. With that, we are bringing on two young ladies that were students last year. Caitrin will be taking over the front desk as the registrar and Melissa will be heading up housekeeping. We will also be bringing on a young lady, Hannah, in late October, to help with the ever increasing demands in the kitchen. Hunter, who was our student a year ago, will be joining the barn staff. She will be assisting Sandy in teaching the students along with keeping up with the ongoing need to train our horses. All four of these girls have hearts to serve and minister to those who come to MMR.

This winter, Kyle moved from Montana to the Outer banks in North Carolina. Over Easter break, we went down to visit Michelle in South Carolina and then on to Florida to spend Easter weekend with Chris and Sarah. The second weekend of May we went to Georgia to attend the graduation of Matthew’s (now wife) Marisa. Marisa graduated with a degree in nursing and was pinned later that day. On Memorial Day weekend, Matthew and Marisa got married here in PA. It was a lovely weekend celebrating their marriage and spending time with family and friends. It was great to have all our kids here for that. It was the first time in over 2 years that we had all been together. This summer, Chris and Sarah moved from Southern Florida to Virginia for his job. We praise the Lord for providing them with a house that they were able to buy within their budget, and in a reasonably short period of time considering the market at the time.

We thank you for your involvement in the ministry here with your prayers and financial support. If you would like to receive this newsletter via email or stop receiving our emails or mailings, please write to us at [email protected]

In Christ,
Chip and Sandy Hungerford