Kyle Hilton

Kyle Graduated from his 2nd year in the School of Discipleship in August 2022. He was a student in the barn his 1st year, and then switched his major to media his 2nd year. Kyle then came on staff as the Marketing Manager in the media department, where he will be creating content to promote retreats, events, School of Discipleship, and Summer Camp. He will also be teaching the 1st and 2nd year students in media.


Kyle Hilton

October 2022

Hello Family and Friends!

I am excited to share with everyone that God has given me an amazing opportunity to come on staff at Miracle Mountain Ranch as the Marketing Manager! This position was greatly needed at the Ranch, and God has given me the gift and the ability to be able to fill that position. I will be assisting in marketing the Ranch by providing pictures/videos for promotional purposes, keeping the Ranch’s social media platforms active, updating our website, and much more. I will be teaching the 1st year students coming into media, giving them the tools and direction to create art in a way that glorifies God, as well as equipping them with the knowledge and skills for a future career.

Even though my position results in me working in the office on a daily basis, I am also an advisor to three guy students, two 1st years and one 2nd year. Being a staff member, I will have opportunities to mentor and disciple the guys in different ways that God will provide. I am excited to see God work in their lives this year, as well as seeing how God uses the students in my own life.

Being in a leadership position in a department is a big task, but I am very blessed to be working under Donnie Rosie, the Director of Marketing and Development, so that I can learn more ways to benefit the ministry from his counsel and teaching. The main goal here at the Ranch is sharing the gospel and God’s love with all ages through everything we do. I am very excited to see how God uses me in the events and retreats we host during my time at Miracle Mountain Ranch.

While I am on staff this year, I have two major needs: Financial Support and Prayer.

To remain on staff, I need to be raising a minimum of $300 per month. My monthly goal is to raise $1,000-$1,500 per month so I can stay financially stable while also starting to save for what God has for me in the future. If you are interested in supporting me, you can click the “Support Staff” button below. You can either support me monthly or make a one time gift. You can also email me at [email protected] for more information on my position and need for support. If you would like to help me raise money for my planned trip to Mexico this coming year, you can specify that specific area if you feel led to help me with this opportunity.

While financial support is a big need, I will also need a lot of prayer during this year.

Specific prayer requests are:

  • That God will use me to encourage others toward Christ, and that He will give me opportunities to share the Gospel,
  • That I will stay humble in my position, keeping my focus on Christ and doing everything for His glory,
  • And that I will be a good example to the students in our discipleship program and help guide them closer to Christ during their time here.

In Christ,
Kyle Hilton