Matthew Hungerford

Matthew Hungerford grew up at the Ranch, where he spent many of his summers working as a Wrangler and as a counselor. After graduating high school, Matthew attended Ethnos Bible Institute (New Tribes Bible Institute), where he received his associates in Biblical Studies. Matthew is excited to be joining our staff team as he serves in the barn. Matthew is excited to work alongside the students, teaching them Godly principles through the training of horses and everyday work projects. Matthew is passionate about ministry and sharing the love of God with those around him.



In the life of Matthew

Thank you for all the prayer and support over these last two years. I’ve been blessed to have been able to work here these past two years. Here are some things that have taken place these last couple of months.

Because of everything that happened this year with covid, we chose not to do overnight camps this summer, instead we ran 4 weeks of day camps that ran from Monday to Friday. Each week, we had 50-60 kids in general camp, and 25 kids in horse camp. This was a big change for us, but we took it on as a challenge. It took some time getting used to, but we quickly got our feet under us. Although we had to wear masks and do a lot more disinfecting, our main focus at the barn stayed the same, giving the kids a safe and fun time with horses while sharing Christ with them. Our School of Discipleship barn students had the opportunity this summer to each give one or more devotionals to the kids using horses to illustrate the Bible theme for the week.

When it was all said and done I think it was a big success. We had a lot of parents tell us that they were so happy to have something where their kids could go to have fun and be kids. In a time of uncertainty it is good to be able to get away and have a good time and learn about God and what he has done for us. Another cool thing that came out of this summer was that the local kids, who normally would not have attended camp, were able to experience camp for the first time this summer.

Shortly after we finished summer camp, the school year ended for the School of Discipleship students, with them graduating and going home. It has been really good to see the growth in them over the year as they learned practical skills and grew in their knowledge of God’s Word. God has been so good in letting me see the growth in them, as I too grew with them. It is always hard to see them go but I’m super excited for what God has next for them.

Then in September, we had our new students come in. I’m excited to see what God has in store for this new student body. It has been a lot of fun to get to know them better over the last two months. My goal this student year is to give the students my all and to not hold back in sharing God’s love to them.

I am in charge of the barn’s work projects, which right now is getting the last touches in before winter hits. The other thing that I will be doing more of this year is helping with the training of the horses. A lot of the training involves just tuning up the horses, reminding them what they already know, helping them to be sharper and more responsive. However it may also include, helping to break some of the new horses, and getting them ready for the kids.

I am still really happy here at the ranch and am excited for what God has for me this upcoming year. I have been learning to give my all for Christ and to not worry as much about messing up. Instead of focusing on my mess ups, I want to look at what I can learn from them and to move on with life. I would get so worried about trying to not mess up that I would not give it my all, and so I would not learn as much as I could. I want to leave it all on the field this year, and give it my all for Christ.

I am still not at the $1,000 a month support that I am to have to work here. If that is something that God is laying on your heart then you can donate online using the link below or send a check to the ranch at 101 rodeo drive Spring Creek, PA 16436, and mark it for Matthew Hungerford.

Thank you for your prayers.

Matthew Hungerford