Rachel Rothey

Rachel Rothey

Rachel Rothey grew up coming to the Ranch for Summer Camps and Retreats. She graduated from the School of Discipleship in August 2021. Rachel joined us on staff in the Operations Department in the fall of 2021. She will be doing landscape as well as light construction work and operations paperwork.

Rachel’s Newsletter

March 28th, 2022

Hello Friends!!!!

This spring has been a wonderful time of learning and growing for me. One of the staff ladies started a Bible study with some of the single girls on staff as well as another staff wife. We have been walking through a book on identity. Asking the question, “Where do I find my identity?” Is it in self or in God, the one who created and sustains me?” It has been an excellent time of fellowship, getting to know these ladies as well as a time of reflecting on the awesomeness of our Savior and how he has made us.

In my work, I have recently had the opportunity to operate more equipment and drive more tractors. Often the tasks seem so daunting, but when I focus my identity on Christ rather than my ability to do something perfectly, the task seems to become less scary and more of an opportunity to serve and learn from those around me. The guys I work with are always so patient and kind while teaching me how to operate or drive! We recently broke ground on our new bunkhouse as well as more deconstruction on the bus we are scraping.

I am super excited to be able to share this to you! This spring over Easter, I have the opportunity to once again go to Mexico to provide a kids VBS. a ladies program and more water well digging as well as construction projects and repairs!!! I am super excited to be able to participate in this adventure once again. I appreciate your prayers as we embark on this every exciting journey. We are leaving April 10th early in the morning and will be returning April 24th! I am super excited that Makayla will also be joining me on another adventure to Mexico! I can’t wait to share stories and photos with you all when I return.

Here are a few photos of Rachel’s life on the ranch – From top left to bottom right: My little helper Titus Marshall. We received a large donation of plumbing supplies and I had the opportunity to sort through it all. Titus likes coming to the shop to see the tractors, ride the gators, see daddy and visit friends. Me standing next to an articulated loader that I have had the opportunity to operate some! It is quite fun! My father was able to come up and work with me a couple of days this past month. We worked on removing the engine from the bus we are taking apart for scrap. Pops and I after a good days work. Along with Nathan Snyder, who works in operations and has taught me how to drive and operate all sorts of equipment. Next is the inside of the bus that we are scraping. And lastly, Judah and Hadassah Snyder (2 of Nathan’s kids) helping me make chocolate chip cookies.

I miss you all and pray you are doing well! Please feel free to text, call or email me, I’d love to catch up with you and know how I can be praying for you.

Much love, Rachel

Prayer requests

  • Mexico Mission Trip
  • Safety as we travel to the border and as we are in Mexico
  • Productive time as we work and serve the people of Mexico
  • The trip is made possible by the funds of those going so prayers for funds necessary to pay for the trip. It costs $1,000 per person which includes meals, travel, and a visa to enter into Mexico.
  • Summer Camp: Summer staff and that we may be able to accomplish various tasks around the ranch.