We know that many of you want to keep informed on what is going on. It is our greatest desire to keep you updated as we walk through this time of recovery. At the present time, we are still waiting to hear back from our insurance company. The sites were assessed yesterday, Monday, Aug. 5th.

The individual who caused these fires was neither a rancher, nor on paid staff. He was a volunteer in our grounds crew and did not work with any ranchers. Due to the fact that he is a minor, we are careful to respect his privacy and that of his family. Since this is now a legal matter, we must defer all further comments to the State Police and District Attorney’s office so as not to interfere with the legal process. As a ministry we have already given our forgiveness through the grace of our Lord, Jesus Christ. It is our desire to see the restoration, not only of our property, but more importantly, of the souls that are hurting at this time.

We want to be purposeful in remaining transparent throughout this time, while also recognizing that there are questions that we are just unable to answer. We ask for your understanding and prayers for wisdom and discernment as many decisions lie ahead of us.

It is hard to describe the overwhelming blessings that we have experienced as a body of Christ. God has graciously burdened many on our behalf and we are truly humbled to be a part of what He is doing here. It is our desire to equip those who long to be a part of this process to do so, but we will need time to organize volunteers, equipment, and supplies. As we are able to receive volunteers, we will contact those who have contacted us, or post opportunities as they arise. If you have a particular way in which you can help, please contact our office at 814-664-7673 or send us a note through our website and a staff member will get back with you. You can also donate financially by phone, online or by mail at 101 Rodeo Dr. Spring Creek, PA. 16436.

The greatest need is still hay and pallets to store it on. We have been offered fields of hay that we are unable to harvest, but if others are willing to do it on our behalf we would be very grateful. We have had many offers of small animals to replace our “critters” but unfortunately it will be difficult to house them through the winter. We hope to be receiving animals in the spring in time for our Memorial Day Open House.

We recognize that this is not just our camp, but yours as well. We are a product of God’s people purposing to reach a lost and hurting world. To many, the Ranch is a “home away from home.” We acknowledge that we are simply stewards of what God has given, what others have entrusted us with. As our family, we invite you to join us in grieving over sin, in praying for this young man, in rejoicing over provision, and in giving thanks to God in ALL things.

We have so many people to thank, so many who have sacrificed on our behalf. We look to our Lord for His supply, His direction, and for Him to receive the glory through all of this. We serve the Great Restorer, and we will continue to move forward in faith of what He desires to do. Thank you for prayers, provisions, and encouragement!

Buildings prior to the fire:

Critter CorralMustanger's Feed & SeedLivery Shed Annex