The Cox Family
Matt and Jenni Cox came on staff in 1992. Matt has served as Farmer, Program Director, Director of Equine Ministries and now as the Executive Director. Matt teaches multiple classes for the School of Discipleship. Jenni homeschools three of their five children. Their eldest is married and living in TX. Jenni also assists with the “Marriage Dynamics” class. Both Matt and Jenni are School of Discipleship alumni. For more information, click here.
Hungerford Family
Chip and Sandy Hungerford came on staff in 1988. Chip serves as the Business Manager and Guest Service Director overseeing Finances, Guest Registration, and Housing. Sandy teaches Vaulting, is the camp store manager, and assists Chip with budgeting & year-end finances. They have six children. Sandy is a graduate of School of Discipleship (1986). For more information, click here.
Cooper Family
Dan and Connie Cooper: Dan Cooper serves as the Director of the MMR School of Discipleship (formerly the C.A.M.P. program). He has his Master’s Degree in Biblical Counseling through Trinity Seminary and College of the Bible. Dan and his wife, Connie, have three children. Connie graduated from the program in 1983, and is currently heading up the Food Service Department. For more information, click here.
Mark and Jen Brenner: Mark is the Chief Financial Officer and teaches Music Appreciation and Christian Ethics classes for the School of Discipleship.  He is currently pursuing a Bachelors Degree in Religion from Liberty University.  Jen teaches Horse Science class for the School of Discipleship and home-schools their three children.  Mark and Jen are both graduates of the School of Discipleship. For more information, click here.
Carpenter Family
Mark and Shari Carpenter came on staff in 2001. Mark is the Director of Operations. He heads up all construction and maintenance, in addition to teaching the School Of Discipleship class on Servant Leadership. Mark and Shari have six children. Shari homeschools and assists in the Buckboard store. For more information, click here.
Rosie Family
Donnie and Tonya Rosie: Donnie attended the School of Discipleship program from 2000 to 2002, and works as the Marketing Director for the Ranch. In 2010 he graduated with Bachelors of Science in Business at Edinboro University of PA. Tonya teaches several history classes online for The Potters School, and is busy with three young boys. She is a 2005 graduate of Malone University with a degree in Integrated Social Studies, and just finished her Master’s Degree in Middle and Secondary Instruction from Edinboro University. They have three sons and one daughter; George, born in December 2010, Cole, born in November of 2012, Grant, born in February of 2014, and Karis their daughter, born in August of 2016. For more information, click here.
Smith Family
Matt and Kim Smith joined staff in 2009. Matt is our Director of Equine Ministries, and also oversees the shooting sports. Matt and Kim have two daughters, Josie and Emma. Josie is currently serving in the U.S. Navy. For more information, click here.
Tyler and Harmony Chundrlek
Tyler and Harmony Chundrlek: Tyler Chundrlek, originally from Columbus Pennsylvania, is an ‘09 graduate of the School of Discipleship. In 2010, Tyler came on staff and is currently serving as the Program Director and is responsible for summer camp, retreats, as well as several aspects involving the School of Discipleship. Tyler earned a Master’s degree in Christian Leadership in 2013. Harmony is a Miracle Mountain Ranch summer staff alumnus and met Tyler through her volunteering in the horse barn during special Ranch events. Tyler and Harmony were married in December 2012 and have two children, Frank and Grace. For more information, click here.
Benjamin and Stephanie Freeman, both 2nd year graduates of the discipleship program, were married in the fall of 2005 and spent ten years on the mission field in Brazil. Now led to transition back to MMR, Benjamin is working in the Operations department, as well as assisting with Message from the Mount. Benjamin and Stephanie have three young girls, and are excited to be a part of a ministry where discipleship and education are both taught and lived out. For more information, click here.
Daniel and Kara Stanley, both graduates of the School of Discipleship, met in 2007 and married in 2017. Daniel came on staff in 2015, and serves as the Dean of Men for the School of Discipleship. He is heavily involved with teaching and writing curriculum for the students. He has a B.A. in Biblical Studies from Bethlehem College and Seminary. Kara came on staff in 2008 and served as the Equine Program Director for nine years. She now serves as the Dean of Women for the School of Discipleship, in which she oversees the day-to-day life of the student body. For Dan and Kara’s newsletter, click here.
Nathan and Kelsey Snyder: Nathan Snyder attended the School of Discipleship from 2008–2010. After graduating, he attended Mission Farrier School, then returned to his hometown in northeastern Indiana, where he worked in blacksmithing and construction, while also gaining experience in landscaping, painting, and snow plowing. Nathan joined the Miracle Mountain Ranch staff in the fall of 2015. While his primary role at MMR is in Operations, he also assists in blacksmithing, vaulting, and promotion. Kelsey is also a School of Discipleship graduate and they were married in August of 2016. Kelsey assists in the vaulting department. They have one son, Judah, who was born in June 2017. For more information, click here.
Darci Hatley grew up in Conneaut Lake, PA and has been coming to the ranch since she was eight years old. She came as an apprentice in 1996-1997 and returned for a second year in 1998-1999. After graduating, she moved to TX to complete her degree in Equine Science. Since then she has lived in many different areas of the country, training horses,working in the food service industry, coaching wrestling, and serving in various ministries along the way. Darci and her son, Christopher moved to the ranch in the spring of 2016 when she served as the director of Livery for the summer. After the summer camp season was over, she moved into the kitchen where she now serves as the Kitchen Manager. For more information, click here.
Adam Marshall came on staff in January of 2014. He went through the School of Discipleship in 2004 after being a Rancher and on summer staff for about six years. He graduated from the program in 2005 and went into the work field where he held multiple jobs throughout the years. From his work, he was able to obtain different skills that he now applies in the Operations Department where he now serves. For more information, click here.

Teddy Purdie grew up in Hartford, CT. He graduated from the School of Discipleship in 2011 and returned as staff in 2014. He works in the Programming Department as the Activities Director. His job includes maintaining current programming activities, handling the Boys Wilderness Camps, paintball, assisting with retreats and events, leading student work crews, and researching and implementing new ideas. For more information, click here.
Noelle Miner is originally from Newfield, NY. She is a 2010 MMR School of Discipleship graduate and is now serving as the Receptionist and Head of Housekeeping. Her responsibilities include answering phones, e-mails, and summer camp and retreat questions, registering guests for retreats and summer camp, and overseeing the cleaning and upkeep of the facilities. For more information, click here.
Melody Weaver grew up in the farm country of Lancaster County, PA. She recently graduated her second year at the School of Discipleship at MMR and is now serving in the Programming Department. Some of her current responsibilities include scheduling retreat groups, updating and organizing paperwork for summer staff, summer camp preparation, and assisting with year round retreats and events. For more information, click here.
Katie Clarahan: August 2015 began Katie Clarahan’s time on staff at MMR. Katie is from Franklin, Pennsylvania where she grew up with her four siblings and parents. Katie is a graduate of MMR’s School of Discipleship from 2013-2015, having stayed as a second year. She loves children and ministry, as well as serving others through any means available, particularly cleaning. Currently Katie serves in the Guest Services department by seeking to keep the facilities of MMR clean and welcoming, and she also enjoys working alongside the students in the School of Discipleship in the different departments of the Ranch. Katie is excited to see what each day holds as God continues to shape and mold her into the servant He wants her to be. For more information, click here.
Hannah Snyder grew up in Fort Wayne, Indiana. She began attending camp as a rancher, and then continued on to be an in-training and summer staff. She then came as a student to the School of Discipleship in 2014 and stayed through 2016. From there in the fall of 2016, Hannah began working as staff as the head cook in the kitchen. For more information, click here.
Christina Coder grew up in the hills of central Pennsylvania and came to MMR as a rancher in 2011. She served on summer staff as a riding instructor in 2015, then attended the School of Discipleship from 2015-2017. She came on staff in the Food Service department in the fall of 2017, where she oversees book studies for the Food Service students, helps to prepare meals, and works to streamline the computer systems in the kitchen office. For more information, click here.
Joshua Bridges grew up in a small town in Maine. He first came to MMR as a rancher in 2009. After graduating high school in 2013, Josh decided to attend the School of Discipleship. After completing his first year, he worked on a cattle ranch in South Texas for two years. Josh returned to the Ranch in 2016 to complete a second year in the School of Discipleship, then joined the ranks of staff in the fall of 2017 as the Assistant to the Program Director. His job entails leading and scheduling retreats, as well as facilitating various other activities that the Ranch offers. Josh is also very involved with the music ministries at the Ranch and enjoys leading music for the retreats. He is passionate about discipling young men, and is excited for the opportunities that he has been given to use the gifts that God has given to him. For more information, click here.