SALT  –  Servant Attitude Leadership Training

Date: 2024 TBA
Age: 13 – 20

For teens and young adults considering the School of Discipleship, S.A.L.T. is a great way to experience ranch life firsthand. Get a chance to hear testimonies from current School of Discipleship students while serving and learning alongside them. Personal devotions, Bible classes, as well as, fun games and activities are all on the schedule! You will also gain valuable, behind-the-scenes insight into what it takes to make a ministry function as you experience the various departments of Miracle Mountain Ranch.

Choose between one of the following skill areas as a focus for your week:

  • Programming (retreat development, activity instruction, PR skills, etc.)
  • Horsemanship (riding and handling skills, etc.)
  • Food Service (meal preparation, large-scale hospitality, baking, etc.)
  • Media (photography, videography, using media for God’s glory)
  • Maintenance / Construction (work on current projects for MMR’s upkeep)

Cost: $175
Save $15 per person with a group of 5 or more (not applicable to partial event participation).

Testimonies from S.A.L.T.

“I faced issues I’ve put off again and again and renewed my desire to remain disciplined… to keep running the race past all of the discouragements.”

“I’m learning to accept the person God has made me to be. I also really enjoyed and have been encouraged by the sharing time.”

“It has really helped me to find out where I’m at in my life and is helping me get back into my devotions.”

“I was able to get more direct answers and discuss questions which I have had for a while.”

“It was encouraging to talk with people during small groups and realize we all are going through the same things.”