Base Camp

The sun is on your back and there is rain in the forecast. A grin forms on your face as you think, Adventure. Come join us for a week filled with learning and improving on survival skills. Building your own shelter, cooking outdoors, learning different fire building techniques, and a two-hour paintball option are just a few highlights of the week. During morning devotions and evening chapels, we will learn more about God’s character and how to apply biblical truth to your daily life as we answer the question, “What does it take to be a godly man?”

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Absolute Bearing

Are you ready to take it up a notch? The week starts off covering the basics of survival, progresses to full-on orienteering, and concludes with applying your skills in an overnight canoeing trip. Learn more about who God is and how you can reflect His character as we spend time in evening chapels and morning devotions. Discover how to apply biblical truth to your daily life during this week of intensive learning and activity.

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Girls Wilderness Camp

Think roughing it is just for guys? Think again! Come learn new survival skills, as well as improve on skills you already have. You’ll be making your own shelters, cooking delicious meals over an open fire, playing games, taking a trail ride, camping alongside qualified female staff, and building unforgettable friendships. Learn how to be a woman set apart for God amidst His beautiful creation.

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Marker Madness

“Move up, cover my flank!” you yell to Sam, just one of the many friends you have made this week. It’s Thursday and you are in the middle of an all-day game of paintball. So far this week, you have learned all about paintball tactics, strategies, camouflaging, and how to work as a team, both on the field and as the body of Christ. During morning devotions and evening chapels, you will be learning about what it is to be a godly man, and how to identify and apply God’s truths to every area of life.

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"I learned more skills about riding horses." - Summer Camp Rancher
"...She also benefitted greatly from continued education in God's love for her and learning to have faith in His plan for her life." - Parent of a Rancher
"Friendships, relationships with Jesus, life skills, positive influences." - Kerri on Summer Camp
"The staff has great, great focus on God with the horses" - Rancher's Mother
MMR is one of the best places I have ever been. I love it so much!! The staff there are amazing, Godly people and I learn and grow Spiritually every time I set foot on the Ranch..." - Kaylee, Summer Camp Rancher
"MMR is an AMAZING place...the staff are courteous and know their stuff...I am proud of the friendships that were developed there and sooo look forward to my next visit" - Joey