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Miracle Mountain Ranch is a western-themed retreat center and summer camp that holds to high standards of excellence in facility, ministry, and message. As a non-profit, non-denominational organization, we are home to one of America’s largest Christian Summer Camp horse programs and offer many program activities, non-horse events, and a college-level School of Discipleship. Located in Spring Creek, Pennsylvania, we are approximately 40 miles southeast of Erie and 23 miles west of Warren, in the general vicinity of Meadville, Titusville, and Union City. For more information on our history, see our History page.

Latest Blog Updates

  • Local News Reports
    We had the privilege of hosting two news crews from Erie Pennsylvania this week. It takes a bit of travel, especially in the current weather conditions, to make the trip down.  They both helped share about the recent land campaign success we...  Read more
  • Matching Fund Opportunity
    Dear Friends of The Ranch, This year MMR celebrated its 50th anniversary. Because of the Lord’s blessing and the support of so many, MMR has been able to impact tens of thousands of lives for Christ. As 2014 closes, we have an exciting...  Read more
  • Registration Roundup
    Miracle Mountain Ranch - Registration Round-Up November 14th We’ve saddled the horses, practiced our roping skills, and now it’s time to start the Rancher Roundup for 2015. For the first time ever, we’re announcing the first day of...  Read more