Frontier Pack Camp

Buckaroo Week 1June 19 – 2112 - 16Boys only$240

If you’re a guy who enjoys the outdoors, you should try out this camp! We combine camping with horseback riding in this three-day camp. You’ll learn how to pack a horse with the equipment you will need for your camping trip, and then ride our trails, sleep outdoors, and cook your meals over an open fire. Best of all, you will get to spend time with other like-minded guys out in God’s Creation!
"I learned more skills about riding horses." - Summer Camp Rancher
"...She also benefitted greatly from continued education in God's love for her and learning to have faith in His plan for her life." - Parent of a Rancher
"Friendships, relationships with Jesus, life skills, positive influences." - Kerri on Summer Camp
"The staff has great, great focus on God with the horses" - Rancher's Mother
MMR is one of the best places I have ever been. I love it so much!! The staff there are amazing, Godly people and I learn and grow Spiritually every time I set foot on the Ranch..." - Kaylee, Summer Camp Rancher
"MMR is an AMAZING place...the staff are courteous and know their stuff...I am proud of the friendships that were developed there and sooo look forward to my next visit" - Joey