Dear Men (Fathers and Sons),

The first weekend of June, we will gather for the 9th annual Father-Son Retreat at Miracle Mountain Ranch. Once again, we plan to shoot stuff, eat stuff, and study the Bible. This rustic retreat is full of man stuff. Confidence Course obstacles, horseback riding, shooting, and fellowship will fill this weekend with adventure. At the same time, we want to be clear about our number one goal.

We want to give older men time to spend with younger men, mentoring them in ways of godliness and wisdom. Since the event’s humble beginnings, the morality of our society continues to fall off the side of a cliff. Being a man of God has taken some major hits over the last seven years. Men are telling other men to stop being fathers and trade your masculinity for – well, you can fill in the blank. It’s getting really bad out there.

Taking responsibility, protecting others, and living out our God-given purpose is out. Shirking duty, wasting passion, and making truth a gray area is now the norm. A big reason for this is a lack of a proper relationship between fathers and their sons. I recently heard a quote that said, “Your life will be measured more by what you raise than what you accomplish.” This is a very special relationship.

Granted, this weekend will not fix any father/son relationship, but it can set a strong vision for what this important relationship can look like. It is a rally for biblically masculine relationships. This weekend will be a pause button where we can have fun, talk, shoot stuff, eat good food (meat), and turn our hearts toward each other as we pursue Christ together.

We dads work extra hours so that we can kick back every now and then to have fun with our sons. It’s why sons need to get their schoolwork done and clear the schedule for a weekend with Dad, Grandpa, or a mentor.

If you have the interest, join us for this camp where we plan to seek the Lord and spend quality time together. This year’s theme is “Pursuing Virtue in an Unvirtuous World.” Messages will be brought by Dr. Robert Jackson, Jr. and the event will be hosted by Don and Donnie Rosie, as well as other Ranch staff men. The weekend will kick off at 2:00 p.m. with an optional paintball activity or dinner at 6:00 p.m., and will conclude on Sunday afternoon at lunch. More information can be found on our Father-Son page.

As we live in a world selling jokes and sensuality, we want to attain to something better. The best thing that will happen this weekend is that fathers and sons will spend time together to study what it means to be a man characterized by virtue and biblical truth.