Can one truly chronicle the miracles of the Lord? You can try, but even if we tried to keep track of every miracle, every answer to prayer, we know that we are only seeing a small part of the workings of His hand! Donations have come to the ministry from all over. Certainly there has been a great outpouring from our local community in hay, pallets, and finances, but from all over the US as well. Many have given not just out of benevolence but out of sacrifice. A young man from Virginia who is 10 years old sent me a note letting me know that, when he thought about all the things that he has that others kids don’t, he let his friends and family know that instead of gifts for his birthday this year he wanted money so he could send it to the Ranch to help. Even tonight, almost 2 months after the fires, we are humbled and blessed to have been handed to us 2 separate donations from teens totaling close to $1000! One young lady went out with the help of her dad and collected scrap metal to turn in and then gave us the money she received from it! The other gift was from 3 teenage boys that had earned it working. I am humbled by all of this. One of the things that has been said to me over and over again is, “God is doing something so much bigger than just the rebuilding of barns.” I’ve also had others tell me that they have seen a “ripple effect” go out from this event. It is true that we may never totally understand or see all that the Lord is and will do, but all that we HAVE seen has left us speechless. We are left with “Wow!” There is still so much before us, and even though the landscape has changed, the faithfulness of God has not. We are trusting that the Lord will give us direction in His perfect timing in all things. Here are some of the highlights of what God has been doing:

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• We have received our insurance settlement, and even though it did not fully cover the cost of rebuilding the buildings, it will be a MiracleMountainBarntremendous help with reconstruction.

• We have received over $225,000 towards the barn recovery enabling us to expand our plans for some of the barns to meet the growing needs of our programs.

• We have also received donations of over 8000 bales of hay and have been able to harvest a couple thousand more from our own fields.

• We have volunteers ready and waiting to get the go ahead for construction to begin.

There are many things you can keep praying for us about.

• Wisdom for layout and design of the new buildings.

• Timing for the company that is setting the posts of the Livery Shed to be available to come down during a very busy and demanding time for them.

• Safety on all the construction sites.

• The ability to get things done before the weather rolls in.

• Wisdom with finances. With the new layouts also comes the need for a lot of fencing. It is our goal to create a layout that enables us to move horses to and from areas without having to cross areas that the public might be in.

We are so grateful for all of you that have come alongside to help, encourage, and advise us through this time. May we be found faithful in all that God has entrusted us with!

Psalm 89:1,52 I will sing of the mercies of the Lord forever: with my mouth will I make known thy faithfulness to all generations. Blessed be the Lord for evermore. Amen, and Amen.