Summer Camp 2023
This past summer season was impactful. Over 2000 guests heard more about Christ, and 80 made decisions for Christ. We had very full programs, great volunteers, and progress on our building projects.



Cattlemans Hotel
In late spring, crews worked to open the newly renovated Cattlemans Hotel ready for camp, and it was ready. We still need to add heating and cooling options to these units, but overall, it is open. Upstairs, Cattleman’s often holds volunteers like speakers and nurses, and downstairs, it is full of kids. 6 newly renovated units with bathrooms are a blessing! We will use this building all year around, and it will allow us to host our first couples retreat in many years.

Staff Housing
You can look over to your left as you come up the front hill where the pasture starts, and you will see a new driveway and two new staff housing units. Crews worked on these units and continue to work on them to have them open as soon as possible. This is much-needed staff housing and will go a long way to alleviate our shortage of staff housing on the ranch.

What is next?
Well, with a camp that is turning 60, there is always more to do. We need to add restrooms to Settlers and also renovate another of the boy’s bunkhouses before next summer. If you or your church would like to either come volunteer to work on these units or sponsor one of these projects, please let us know. We could not do what we do without volunteers.


New Land Campaign
For many years, our neighbors, the Conklin’s, have visited with Matt Cox about their plans to sell their property that borders the ranch. They also said they wanted to give the ranch the first opportunity to consider the property. We are excited to announce that the board and ranch leadership have moved to purchase this property. It will add about 90 acres to the ranch—many of which we have already been using for trail rides. The property includes a home and several ponds. Our end-of-the-year giving campaign will focus on raising money to pay off this land.
The cost is approx. $220,000. We are getting a mortgage, but our goal is to pay this off in under 3 years, saving a lot of interest. If we can pay it off this winter, that would be even better!  We are seeking to raise $338,000 to pay for the land, build a better drive way, and renovate the home so that it maybe used, probably, for staff housing in the near future.

The Roll You Play
Would you consider helping with this land campaign or coming to volunteer at Miracle Mountain Ranch? We have so many opportunities right now, but it does not come without great needs.
We are so thankful to those who support the ministry of Miracle Mountain Ranch. We could not do it without your support. As Matt mentioned in his update, we also need your prayers. Please pray that God’s will will be done and he will be glorified at Miracle Mountain Ranch.