Fire Restoration Project
We are continually amazed at just how much progress we have been able to make in the construction of the new Livery Paddock Shed, despite the winter weather. We are just days away from being able to put horses and hay into the new facility and we’re so grateful for all those who have volunteered or contributed to this enormous project! Once fencing and gates are finished, this building will offer shelter to over half of our herd. As spring draws closer, we hope that many of you will be able to visit and see first-hand all that the Lord has done. To view pictures of the new barn, visit

New Critter Corral Barn
Once we have better spring building conditions, we will begin construction of the new Critter Corral barn. This barn will be designed to better accommodate our growing small animal and Vaulting programs. The layout will accommodate a bigger variety of barnyard animals, as well as offer more public accessibility. Our goal is to have the shell up by the time summer camp starts and we pray that the new barn will help with the Ranchers’ sense of loss over the former one. Please pray with us that the Lord will equip us and allow us to have the majority of this project ready in time for camp!

The Brokenstraw Bathhouse & Inn
The newest addition to our western town, Brokenstraw Bathhouse & Inn, has been a very busy hub of activity in the past several months. This new building will provide six additional bunkrooms, housing 52 people at a time. It will feature a living area and a lower level basement, which will be used as a game/recreational area, as well as another emergency storm shelter. There have been many enthusiastic volunteers here to help us, including volunteers from Wyndam Summit Bible Church, who recently framed the rooms of the mid-level living quarters. $70,000 is still needed to complete six bunkrooms. We also need more volunteers! Here’s how you can help:

We need plumbers to install the sprinkler system, masons to finish some stonework, concrete finishers, and carpenters to finish the wrap-around porch. To volunteer, call Mark Brenner at (814) 964-9651 or call our office at (814) 664-7673.

Land Purchase Progress
In 2010, we took out a mortgage for $861,000 to purchase the land known as Miracle Mountain Ranch. An additional $700,000 balloon payment was due in 2015 for the rights to the timber, minerals, oil, and gas. The principal owed on the mortgage is now $674,000. In addition, we have renegotiated the balloon payment, initially due in 2015, to be able to make monthly payments over the next seven years with no interest. This will be an additional $8333 monthly expense, but also an opportunity for us to trust that God will provide for every need. Our special thanks to those who have contributed toward the land. Your investment in the ministry of Miracle Mountain Ranch is an enormous blessing!

Scholarship Program
In 2013, we were able to scholarship over $70,000 worth of camp costs to Ranchers in need of help attending camp. We are praying that we can reach a goal of $75,000 this year so that we can continue to expand this program.

Join the Alumni Challenge!
We are looking for 300 Friends or Alumni, from either summer camp or the School of Discipleship, to sponsor a child to summer camp in 2014. As a sponsor, we would also like you to keep your eyes open for kids who would benefit from summer camp. Camp changes lives! Help us fill every opening!

Needs and Prayer Requests:
• We would like to reach our goal of $75,000 for the 2014 summer camp scholarships. Prayerfully consider how you can help.
• We are in need of construction contractors and labor to volunteer for the completion of the interior of Brokenstraw Bathhouse & Inn.
• Pray that our staff would have wisdom as they make many important decisions during this time of rebuilding, and as we get ready for our busy summer season.  Donate, click here.

A Mom’s Perspective:
Last summer, a young girl named Ali came to horse camp for the very first time. In a letter to our staff, her mother expressed overwhelming gratitude for the newfound experience and a home away from home:

“How am I so blessed to have found this camp, this beautiful place, these people that have come into our lives? What was I praying for to receive this blessing? And then it hit me like a clear vision – YOU were praying for US. You were seeking people just like us. You were praying for a camper who would open their heart to God. You were praying to find parents who wanted a safe, but fun, camp for their child.”

That is why we do what we do. Thank you for coming alongside us in the Lord’s work to change lives for His glory.