Age: 15+
Cost: $600
Kick-off Weekend: Nov. 8-9th, 2019 at the Ranch
Meet-up Weekend: Date and Location TBA

For photographers looking to sharpen their skills by connecting with other like-minded Christians passionate about media, the Photography Fellowship is an extended version of our Photography Summit, and a great way to keep in touch with other Christian photographers. Starting with a kick-off weekend at the Ranch, those signed up will have a chance to meet in person, talk about their media experiences, learn from each other, and just hang out. After this, the group will be able to stay connected via emails and online communication for the next several following months. The Ranch will provide members with instructional videos, photo challenges with valuable critiquing, and great reading resources. In the middle of this period, the group will meet up for another weekend to connect again at some special aesthetic destination to get some great pictures, talk about what they’ve learned, get feedback on the pictures they’ve taken, and thoroughly enjoy some good fellowship. Finally, after a few more months, the fellowship will close with the Photography Summit weekend, where the members will once more get to meet up, hang out with each other as well as the other Summit attendants, and enjoy the great classes provided by the many media professionals teaching over that weekend.

We hope you join in with us for this exciting photography adventure, open to all – from hobbyists to photography entrepeneurs. Our goal for this team is that we might be able to sharpen our skills, connect with other like-minded photographers, and bless each other as we grow and learn to glorify God through the gifts He’s given us!

Meet-up Dates, Times and Locations:

  • Kick-Off Weekend at the Ranch
  • 1 Meet-up Weekend (Destination TBA)
  • Photography Summit (Closing Weekend)

Educational Elements:

  • 1 Instructional Video Per Month
  • Monthly Photo Challenge/Critique
  • Two Reading Resources
  • 1 Volunteer Challenge Per Month

Goals of the Photography Fellowship:

  • Learn how to glorify God through our skills
  • Fellowship with other photographers
  • Develop better skills
  • Learn how to best serve others through our skills


Donnie Rosie
Donnie Rosie has served at Miracle Mountain Ranch for 15 years, first as a student and now as Marketing Director, student advisor, and instructor in the School. He has done marketing for national event tours, taught marketing and photography, spoke for various organizations, and helped businesses and organizations grow. When he is not working for Miracle Mountain, he runs Rosie Marketing, his branding, and photography firm. He completed a degree in Business from Edinboro Univ. of PA. He is married to his awesome wife, Tonya, and they have four children: George, Cole, Grant, and Karis. Instagram: Rosie Photography View photo gallery:
Lydia TorreyLydia Torrey serves as the Marketing Manager here at the Ranch. She works directly under Donnie Rosie, the Director of Marketing. Her job includes managing the Ranch social media accounts, assisting with promotional events, managing the media team, and overseeing all the flyers and graphic design. She is also an Independent Photographer for Rosie Photography. She enjoys a variety of photography, but focuses mostly on portrait photography and wedding photography.