Greetings from El Paso, Texas! After three days of traveling, we have finally made it to the border, which we will cross later this morning. We have an awesome team of 24 (12 men, 12 women) and we are excited about not only how God will work through us during this trip, but how He will work in our individual walks with Him.

We ask for your prayers as we travel to Rio Chico, a mission base and training center, where we will work on some project for a few days, and then later on to the mountain Pima Indian village of Babicora. In Babicora, we will put on Bible camp for the kids and teens there, as well as work on any construction projects they need tackled. We will be there over Easter Sunday, so we’re also looking forward to the Easter service we’ll take part in with the Christians there.

Thank you for your prayers and well-wishes! We plan to cross back into the U.S.A. on Thursday, April 9th. To God be the glory!