Youth Volunteer Application Information

Thank you for your interest in volunteering here at Miracle Mountain Ranch (MMR). We are grateful for individuals who are ready and willing to assist in the ministry of MMR. The primary purpose of MMR’s youth volunteer program is to develop healthy work habits while instilling Christ like character into the everyday lives of young people. We also hope to nurture these youth and develop them into becoming our next wranglers, barn staff, and counselors. Volunteers must be 14 years of age or older. Each group of volunteers meets daily for a bible study and devotions. The period of service for first time volunteers is determined on a week to week basis by the supervisor. Each volunteer will be evaluated on the basis of his or her desire and willingness to serve.

Our volunteer program is set up to create flexibility while giving us consistency in each area. We pool all volunteers in the groups of Range Maids and Ranch Hands, placing volunteers where most needed in any given week. Volunteers may select an area they would prefer to serve, however preferences will be given to full summer and three week term volunteers first and then to one week volunteers on a first-come first-served basis.

Below is a short description of each area and its responsibilities.

  • Range Maids (gals)
    Range Maids assist in the following areas: Kitchen, which includes food preparation, serving, and clean-up after meals. Housekeeping participates in the cleaning of the facilities and clean-up after meals. Landscaping involves moving rocks and plants, pulling weeds, and other special landscape projects.
  • Ranch Hands (guys)
    Ranch hands assist in the following areas: Grounds, which includes the care and upkeep of lawns, trash removal, and minor maintenance. Farming, assist with bringing in hay, trimming fence rows and minor equipment work. Construction (must be 16 yrs or older), assist with construction projects; work could include concrete, masonry, framing, electrical, plumbing, roofing, etc. All ranch hands may also assist in chapel or dining hall set up and bringing in hay if help is needed in these areas.

Volunteers are housed with a counselor in each housing unit. Summer weeks run from Sunday afternoon through Saturday noon. Friday evening departure is available, please mark application if needed. The average workday is 8 hours long. Pool and trail ride privileges are available to each volunteer according to their work schedule. All volunteers are required to attend chapel services. Volunteers are not allowed to leave the premises unless accompanied by a parent / guardian or supervisor. For further information on a specific, area please contact us at (814) 664-7673 or [email protected].

Below you will find a link to an online application or a PDF you can print and send in. There is also a link to our Horse Liability / Medical Release form which will need completed. Please print and read both carefully and send at your earliest convenience.