We get a lot of questions about being on staff here at Miracle Mountain Ranch.  We recognize that we are a very unique organization and are so blessed by an incredible staff team! Here are just a few fun facts:

Currently there are 69 “staff” at the Ranch. This, of course, includes all of the staff children. We have 15 couples and 8 singles serving year-round with us.  Everyone is housed on Ranch property and the Ranch’s general fund helps cover the cost of housing and utilities for our full-time staff.  A few of the jobs at MMR are: Receptionists, Secretaries, Finances and Bookkeeping, Marketing and Media, Operations, Maintenance and Groundskeeping, Farming, Horse Department and Barn Maintenance, Food Service, Housekeeping, Guest Services, Construction, School of Discipleship Faculty, Programming and Camp Management, Nursing, and all of other jobs that fall under these departments. Many of these departments will also take on more staff through our summer season in a variety of paid and volunteer positions.

We often marvel at the team that God has built here and the sweet fellowship that we enjoy.  As with any body, there are times of conflict, but we rejoice that God continues to walk us through resolve as well. We are blessed by a team of people that technically don’t get “paid” for their work. Every staff member is on mission support and has a team of supporters that helps them cover their costs of living and essentials. These are often families and friends, as well as churches and sometimes organizations.

Many of the staff serve as instructors in our School of Discipleship (S.O.D.) program. Each staff member also works in an advisory role with our S.O.D. students.  The students visit their assigned staff houses weekly for time with their advisors, but it’s also very common for a group of students to spend time with staff for game or movie nights, or to just talk with them about things they are wrestling with. We are humbled to be a part of their lives and walk alongside them.  This model of “life-on-life discipleship” is what drew my own heart to the ministry over 30 years ago, and I find myself blessed to benefit from the challenge and accountability that mentoring can bring so many years later.

Our most recent change on staff is the marriage of Josh Snyder and Rachel Rothey. Josh had recently joined us on programming staff and Rachel was serving in the operations department. They were married on October 21, 2023.

Thank you to everyone who is a part of supporting our staff team.  Without your generosity it would be impossible for our staff to serve here and for the Ranch to minister in the capacity that we do. You are a vital part of God’s work here and we are grateful for you!

Jenni Cox

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