We have some exciting progress going on right now on some of the big projects at the Ranch!  A few months ago, Calvin Ernst, a supporter of Miracle Mountain Ranch, donated an 18,000 gallon propane tank, which completely changes our entire resource for heating and cooking.  In addition, our neighboring friends at Bethany Camp in Sinclairville, NY donated two saddles, which support the tank.  To add to those blessings, Diversified Erection Services of Jamestown, NY donated crane services to move the saddles and set the tank into place.  Hiltz Propane of Marietta, PA also donated all of the materials and labor for the connection of the tank into our existing system.

These donations are a tremendous gift, saving us a whole lot of time, energy, and resources. Until now, we have had one 18,000 gallon propane tank, which has not provided us with enough storage to get us through winter.  This second tank allows us enough storage capacity for propane, purchased at wholesale pricing for heat and cooking so that we don’t have to rely solely on our wood boilers. In other news, we have poured the concrete flooring in the second floor of the Brokenstraw Bathhouse & Inn, which will serve as additional upper-hand housing quarters.  This project is a part of our Year End Campaign, so we are excited about making progress on this building.  We have also taken the opportunity to pour a concrete pad at the rear of our Santa Fe barn, which will help cut down on a lot of mud throughout our rainy seasons.

We are so very grateful for the various people God uses to show us His love, so that we in turn may share it with others who come to the Ranch.  Praise God from Whom all blessings flow!