It is that time of year again when we give you the chance to guess the first snow day of the 2013-14 winter season.  If you correctly guess the day, you will be given one free pass to your choice of one of these awesome retreats:  Horse Lovers, Father Son, Sr. Winter, Jr. Winter.  The offer will be good for any of these events in 2013.

All guesses must be in by October 4th, and they must be posted as comments to this page.  If there are multiple correct guesses, one will be randomly selected from that group.

The official snow will be determined by Ranch staff.  It must amount to a clearly noticeable amount of snow, but accumulation is not needed to count. If we have a very early snow, you must have made a guess 24 hours before the first snow.

Maybe it will be early this year!  Antarctic ice cap levels are at almost record amounts and Arctic ice cap levels are above last year. (source) More resources are found on this site Underground  Weather click here. But ultimately you are the person that must guess the correct day.

Post your guess below!