New Land Campaign to Purchase 94 and a Home
For many years, our neighbors, the Conklin’s, have visited with Matt Cox about their plans to sell their property that borders the ranch. They also said they wanted to give the ranch the first opportunity to consider the property. We are excited to announce that the board and ranch leadership have moved to purchase this property.

It will add 94 acres to the ranch—many of which we have already been using for trail rides. The property includes a home and several ponds. Our end-of-the-year giving campaign will focus on raising money to pay off this land.

The cost is approx—$ 223,000. We are getting a mortgage, but we aim to pay this off in under three years, saving a lot of interest. It would be even better if we could pay it off this winter!  We seek to raise $338,000 to pay for the land, build a better driveway, and renovate the home for staff housing shortly.

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