Another trip to Mexico and God was faithful every step of the way. Our group was blessed and privileged to be a part of drilling a successful water well, starting a new building project, hosting women’s Bible studies, and hosting day camps for the local children in Babicora. Each year the trip gets sweeter and sweeter. It’s so cool getting to watch & experience the fruitful friendships that continue to deepen as we spend more and more time with the people in this village. Hearts were certainly moved, both within our group and within the people we interacted with.

As a whole, we were greatly impacted by the kindness and hospitality of the Mexican people. Their attitude and joyful countenance was inspiring & contagious. We praise God for the work that was successfully completed. We also praise him for granting us safety, for the souls he rescued, and for the environment he provided to rejuvenate his people throughout this trip. We feel so honored to be a part of this ministry and we’re thankful God chose us for this mission.