On Saturday morning, August 3rd, 2013 around 3:00 a.m. Miracle Mountain Ranch suffered the loss of 3 structures in our Horse Department; The Critter Corral, which housed our small animals, all the driving and vaulting tack, and hay; The Livery Hay Shed which holds hay and provides shelter for the horses from the weather; and the Mustanger’s Feed and Seed, which held the bulk of our hay and some equipment. One vehicle was parked in this building. All three buildings and 6000 bales of hay were total losses.

There were no horses lost, but we did lose all of the small animals that were housed in the Critter Corral barn as well as tack, feed, and equipment. We rejoice that no people were injured. We would like to generously thank the many fire departments that answered the call as well as the Red Cross volunteers who also served.

The state police and fire marshal deemed that the fire was an act of arson. The Ranch was informed late Saturday night that the suspect in question had made a full confession and charges are pending.

We are now in the process of organizing the recovery and clean-up efforts. We are already receiving gifts of hay and other supplies. If you would like to contribute to the Ranch in any way, gifts may be sent to the office at 101 Rodeo Dr. Spring Creek, PA 16436, or donate online. If you have a donation of hay or other supplies please contact our office at 814-664-7673. We fully intend to rebuild with God’s direction and provision and would like to thank the many who have already come alongside us with gifts and encouragement. We would appreciate your continued prayers through this time.

Buildings prior to the fire:

Critter CorralMustanger's Feed & SeedLivery Shed Annex