How we respond to a crisis can be the difference in the outcomes. Matt Cox shares some thoughts from the Bible on how we should respond to a crisis. This is a several part series that we will be sharing on YouTube.

How are we doing on the Ranch? Things are quiet here. We continue to keep the animals fed and keep the Ranch operating in this shutdown. Because we are like a small town we must keep water and other utilities flowing to the families and animals who live here.

We have also been working to help others through online training and media/video advice. If your church needs help please reach out and we will try to help.

The Ranch does not have anything scheduled until the end of April and we will keep evaluating the situation and giving updates on the upcoming spring schedule.

If you can think of another way Miracle Mountain Ranch can help the community during this time, we welcome your ideas.

Stay safe, keep praying, and trust the Lord.

~ Miracle Mountain Ranch Staff