Due to an accident on May 20th, 2021, our Fort Wilderness caught on fire and burned. It has been one year, and we are now ready to rebuild.

The Fort provided several experiences for our guests, including overnighters, campouts, and dinner trail rides. Lots of ministry happens at the Fort.

The Fort revamp plan will include rebuilding the Fort face, a pavilion, and housing. In the first phase of this project, our goal is to raise $85,000 for the Fort and main pavilion.

This project will be the focus of the Warren Gives fundraising day on May 18th.

Our goal is to raise $45,000 from at least 30 states. Will you represent your state?

On May 18th. you can give on their website:

There is a bonus. Warren Gives MATCHES part of the funds on this day. The first $1000 of any gift gets a partial match, so your donation goes further. They also cover the credit card fees, which is a big deal! Would you please consider giving this year on May 18th?

We hope you will join us on this day to help raise funds to rebuild our Fort Wilderness.

We plan to send a reminder email and make phone calls to supporters on the 18th of May. Please let us know if you plan to help out.