Miracle Mountain Ranch is a western-themed retreat center and summer camp that holds to high standards of excellence in facility, ministry, and message. As a non-profit, non-denominational organization, we are home to one of America’s largest Christian Summer Camp horse programs and offer many program activities, non-horse events, and a college-level School of Discipleship. Located in Spring Creek, Pennsylvania, we are approximately 40 miles southeast of Erie and 23 miles west of Warren, in the general vicinity of Meadville, Titusville, and Union City. For more information on our history, see our History page.

 Ranch Updates

Standing on the Promises

Living in Northwestern Pennsylvania has many blessings, but one of the greatest for me is seeing the contrast of seasons that we experience here.  When spring first begins to tease us of her arrival, we notice every crocus, robin, and for my family, the first chirps...

December Blessings

We have some exciting progress going on right now on some of the big projects at the Ranch!  A few months ago, Calvin Ernst, a supporter of Miracle Mountain Ranch, donated an 18,000 gallon propane tank, which completely changes our entire resource for heating and...