Jr. Staff

We provide a Junior Staff position at Miracle Mountain Ranch. This is an opportunity for some of our past apprentices to make a one year commitment to serve in a staff position. This differs from permanent staff in that they do not fill adviser positions with the apprentices and are in positions of working directly under the supervision of a permanent staff member. They are encouraged to raise support for this year, and extended schooling is also an option, though not required. Due to the nature of having a lot of young and single staff, our positions and needs are constantly changing. This is a great opportunity to fill a specific niche until God directs them elsewhere or to make a long term commitment. As permanent staff, we are excited to have these young and passionate kids join us and extremely grateful for their involvement and sacrifice for the Lord’s work.


Teddy Purdie grew up in Hartford CT. He graduated from the School of Discipleship in 2011, and returned as staff in 2014. He works in the programming department as the Activities Director. His job includes maintaining current programming activities, handling the boys wilderness camps, paintball, assisting with retreats and events, leading student work crews, and researching and implementing new ideas.
Noelle Miner is originally from Newfield, NY. She is a 2010 MMR School of Discipleship graduate and is now serving as the Receptionist and Head of Housekeeping. Her responsibilities include, answering phones, e-mails, summer camp and retreat questions, registering guests for retreats and summer camp and overseeing the cleaning and upkeep of the facilities.
Heidi Halcomb grew up in Orange County, CA and came on staff following her graduation from the School of Discipleship in 2013. She now works in the Media and Promotional department. In addition to fundraising for the Summer Camp Scholarship Program and coordinating promotional events, she serves as the Print Design Manager and oversees the Photography/Videography Team. She also assists with music and enjoys spending time with the student girls in the School of Discipleship.