Matt Cox


As the seasons march on at Miracle Mountain Ranch, I am reminded of who really controls the timeline. The Lord graciously uses each change, challenge, and opportunity to affirm our dependency upon Him and His faithfulness to His work. In 2017, it was my hope to introduce the construction plans for the new Critter Corral barn, but we are still not in a position to do so. The plans have been drawn up and the monies have been designated for site work, but in the midst of a housing shortage, we find ourselves in greater need of closing up the Brokenstraw Bathhouse & Inn project. We rejoice that we have been able to temporarily house our Critter program in what was formerly a hay barn, allowing us to deal with our need for more beds.

The temptation is to strive for a finish line. We like the perception that somewhere along the way, we will experience closure. Anyone who lives in a home knows the truth that as soon as one project is complete, there is another area in need of maintenance. Four years ago, we made a commitment to improve our restroom facilities and we are resolved to see it through. As someone wisely once said, “In the belly of every yes are a whole lot of no’s.” I love to dream about the new Critter Barn and the programs we may someday run out of it, but the Lord seems to have confirmed this direction of closure with increasing numbers in our retreats and summer camps, as well as our School of Discipleship enrollment. When people compliment us on the ministry of the Ranch, we frequently tell people that it is God at work–we are just hanging on for the ride. If we truly believe this, it’s easier to let go of our own agenda and turn our focus to His.

The Brokenstraw Bathhouse & Inn is still in need of $75,000 to be completed. It is difficult to estimate the exact amount of money needed for the project because that number largely depends on how much labor and expertise comes from volunteers, or if professionals need to be hired. Since 2010, we have seen summer camp grow from 800 to 1,200 kids per summer, as well as a significant growth in our School of Discipleship program. With our volunteer base and fall retreat attendance, we have an increased need for adult housing. The completion of The Brokenstraw will enable us to move our female students into the four upstairs bunk rooms and open the existing dorms below the dining hall for housing. The basement of The Brokenstraw will serve as a library, classroom, and study area, allowing us to have a central gathering area for our students without constantly having to set up and tear down around the retreat schedule in the dining hall. This basement-level room will also be a primary emergency storm shelter right in the center of camp.

We have been immensely blessed in what the Lord has already provided through the renovation of The Brokenstraw. As we watch Him work through the ministry, we covet your prayers for wisdom and discernment along the way.

Matt Cox
Executive Director
Miracle Mountain Ranch