Frequently Asked Questions about Day Camp

  • What are the age groups for each camp?
      For the age group of a camp, check the specific page for that camp, found under our Day Camps Page.
  • What should I pack for each camp?
      For a general list of important items to bring, check out our What to Bring page.
  • Do you perform background checks on your counselors?
      Yes. We do perform background checks on our counselors / summer staff.
  • What is your staff-to-camper ratio?
      We have a high staff-to-camper ratio. There is at least one fulltime counselor for every nine kids, then several layers of support staff to help that counselor, making it close to a 1 to 1 ratio.
  • What type of safety precautions do you follow?
      Yes. We take special care to look out for the safety of our staff as well as our guests. On our staff are several firemen, several CPR certified staff, and other personnel that are available for medical emergencies should they arise. We also have one to three nurses each week of camp to maintain the safety and care of the Ranchers.
  • When should I arrive for each camp?
      Registration for day camps is between 8:30 – 9:00 a.m. Monday – Friday
  • When does each camp end?
      Day camps will conclude each day at 5:00 p.m.  Due to covid-19 there will not be a closing program for the families on Fridays.
  • When should I arrive to pick up my child?
      You should pick up your Child at 5:00 p.m. each day.
  • Do you provide any confirmation when I register for a camp?
      Yes. You will receive a confirmation that the registration form was completed and forwarded to MMR, we will send an official confirmation of your registration via email and regular mail to confirm that your child is formally registered. If you do notreceive any confirmation within two weeks after sending your registration, please contact us to confirm that we have received it. We cannot be held responsible for any lost emails or mail.
  • How much does camp cost?
      For the price of an individual camp, check the page for that camp, provided under our Day Camps Page.
  • How much is required to reserve a spot for camp?
     Due to the limited time available for Check-in/Registration, we ask that Day Camps be paid in full, including spending money for the camp store (Buckboard). All but $50 of this payment is refundable in the case of illness or family.
  • How soon before camp should my final payment be made?
      Final payment should be made at least five days prior to the start of camp. This can be done online via credit card or by mailing in a check.
  • Do you accept credit cards?
      We accept checks, cash, and credit cards (Master Card, Visa, and Discover).
  • Do you give refunds?
      We do not give refunds for an uncompleted stay unless it is in a case of illness. A full refund (except for the non-refundable $50.00 deposit) is provided for cancellations made five days in advance. No refunds will be made within five days prior to camp except for spending money and in case of illness or family emergency.
  • What kind of clothes should I wear / bring?
    Closed toed shoes, long pants (strongly suggested for trail-rides, required for Horse Camps) or shorts that come to the knee and T-shirts. It is suggested that a heeled boot or shoe be warn for horse camps. Suggested daily items to bring: towel, bathing suit (one-piece, modest) and crocs of flip flops to wear to the pool, long pants for trail-riding are strongly suggested if you wear shorts to camp (Wild West & Buckaroo), Shorts that come to the knee if in a Horse Camp.
  • What are your modesty codes for dressing?
      All clothes should be modest. Girls are asked to bring a one-piece bathing suit for swimming. Also, shorts must come to the knees, and dresses must cover the shoulder and extend below the knees when sitting.
  • What if my child has food allergies or special dietary needs?
      Due to the numbers of individuals we serve each meal, we are unable to meet special dietary needs and menus. Some exceptions may apply. Please contact MMR at [email protected] prior to registering for camp to see if we can meet your child’s need.
  • Do you have medical insurance for my child?
      No. All medical expenses due to injuries or illness must be handled by the parents’ insurance company.
  • How do you respond to homesickness?
    A certain amount of homesickness is both natural and healthy whenever a child is away from their home. In the case that a child becomes extremely homesick, we will contact the parents to let them know the situation and ask them how they want us to handle it. Understand, though, that we do not give refunds for early departures due to homesickness or missed days.