Tyler and Harmony Chundrlek

Tyler and Harmony Chundrlek

Originally from Columbus Pennsylvania, Tyler Chundrlek, is an ‘09 graduate of the School of Discipleship. In 2010, Tyler came on staff and is currently serving as the Camp Director and is responsible for summer camp, retreats, as well as several aspects involving the School of Discipleship. Tyler earned a Master’s degree in Christian Leadership Studies in 2013 from Liberty University. Harmony is a Miracle Mountain Ranch summer staff alumni and met Tyler through her volunteering in the horse barn during Ranch events. Tyler and Harmony were married in December 2012 and have four children; Frank, Grace, Gideon, and Jael.


The Chundrlek Newsletter

Dear Friends and Family,

Hello, and thank you for reading our latest newsletter! We are happy to report that Summer Camp 2021 is in the books and was packed with kids and ministry opportunities. Thankfully, we were able to go back to overnight camps. Every week of summer camp was full (or very close to being full) and our Family Camps and Fall calendar filled up as well. I think that a lot of people are ready to get out and do things that they have missed over the last year and a half. Harmony and I took some time off and did a few day trips with the kids after Summer Camp ended. We visited the Wooden Nickle Buffalo Farm in Edinboro, PA and the Farmer’s Inn down near Cook Forest, PA just to name a few.

This past summer was one of the most challenging seasons of ministry that we have ever had, both as an organization and as a family. As an organization, the needs of the children that we host and minister to are off the charts. Depression, anxiety, anger, gender confusion/sexual identity issues, eating disorders, panic attacks, self-hatred, self-injury, outbursts of wrath, and all other manner of depression, pain, and destructive behavior are all seem to be on the rise. Working with thousands of other people’s children has taught me a lot over the last 14 years. One of the things that I have learned is that parents who openly celebrate and embrace sin are not only are reaping a harvest of death and destruction in their own lives, but their children are suffering all the more for it. Never has this connection been clearer to me than it was this past summer. None of us can live contrary to God’s Word and expect to have anything but strife and grief in our homes.

As I mentioned earlier, this past summer was one of the most challenging seasons for our family as well. Much of the challenges were brought on as a result of the stress that caring for other people’s children involves. There were several long days this summer that turned into weeks without time off. Another one of the reasons is that we are still trying to adjust from being a family of five to now being a family of six. This is of course more joy and more happiness, but significantly less sleep . Sometimes I can’t believe that we are the parents of four children, Frank 7, Grace 5, Gideon 3, and Jael 8 months already. Well that is all for now. I will wrap this newsletter up because I know you only want the pictures of those kids anyway! Thank you all so much for your prayers and financial support. We would not be here without you!

With Love,
The Chundrleks

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