Daniel and Cherish Benedict

Daniel and Cherish attended the School of Discipleship from September of 2016 to August of 2018. They then got married in May of 2019. Daniel currently works as the Assistant to the Director of the School. He is involved in teaching Bible classes, helping with school admissions, and assisting the students on a daily basis. Cherish serves in the office as our full time Receptionist and Registrar. Her job entails answering phones and emails, registering people for retreats and summer camps, and assisting in finances as needed. Daniel and Cherish have a heart for ministry and discipleship. They are both heavily involved in the School Of Discipleship, discipling students, helping with classes, and assisting in the summer camp program.



News From The Benedicts

Winter/Spring 2022

Dear friends and family,

Winter is in full swing and we are doing our best to stay warm! The past two winters have been very mild which made us nearly forget what a normal Western Pennsylvania winter looked/felt like. It’s actually been very refreshing for Daniel and I. We both love the snow and have appreciated the vast beauty of the winter wonderland that we are living in. Many things have happened since our last newsletter, and we would love to fill you all in.

We are in the middle of our winter retreat season and have had great attendance! First we had a very successful Christmas Party with well over 200 attendees. The Christmas Party is a wonderful time for the community to get together for a time of food, special music, hymns, and scripture reading. It was such a blessing to have so many new and familiar faces join us in celebrating the birth of our Savior. We also saw great attendance from our S.A.L.T. Retreat (Servant Attitude Leadership Training), Youth Winter Blast, Cowboys for Christ Retreat, and our Men’s Retreat. We are prepping for our upcoming spring retreats: Quilter’s Retreat, Family Fun Day, Photography Summit, Mother Daughter Day, Father Daughter Retreat, Father Son Retreat, and our Spring Horse Lover’s Retreat.

This past month was a refreshment for Daniel and I as we took a training course for Biblical Counseling. Every year we send our new staff and second year students to a Biblical Training Conference in Lafayette, Indiana. It is an indescribable time of refreshment, renewment, and conviction as we study how to use the Bible as our source of truth to counsel individuals. This was Daniel and I’s 4th time attending the training and I pray we will always find time to attend it.

As we enter into the spring and summer season, I (Cherish), am busy registering people for our upcoming retreats and prepping for Summer Camp. It seems as though no matter what time of year it is, we are always prepping for Summer Camp. I absolutely love Summer and can hardly wait for it to get here to meet all of the kids that will be attending each week. I also started a Guest Service Area of Focus, which is where I have students train under me in our guest service department. I am teaching them the in’s and out’s of registration along with finances, payroll, email, and phone etiquette. Melissa and Caitrin have both chosen Guest Services as their Area of Focus this year. It has been wonderful getting to mentor them in the area of hospitality and they have been a joy to be around. Daniel is busy with prepping for fall classes that he will be teaching. He is taking on the responsibility of teaching three additional classes this coming school year. On top of that he is also busy with the daily admissions for the School.

On more personal notes, we are extremely excited to announce that we will be welcoming a little baby Benedict into the family this August! We are so excited for this new addition and can hardly wait for August to get here. Daniel has also started his online seminary degree through Reformed Baptist Seminary. Needless to say, it is going to be an amazing and crazy fall with the new baby, Daniel’s online classes, and his teaching of classes. We are not worried as we know God will provide the patience, rest, and finances needed in this new phase of life.

We are very excited about the two big upcoming changes for us in the year of 2022. With both our baby and Daniel’s schooling in mind, we have been encouraged to begin raising more substantial support for these changes. Currently, we are raising around $1700 a month (it can fluctuate depending on the time of year). It is encouraged by our board of directors that families working at MMR with children should raise $3100. Our hope, considering the baby and pursuing seminary, is to reach that goal of $3100 by the end of this year. We have already been blessed as our church and ministry have been helpful in regards to Daniel’s education, so we know God will provide for our needs.

Thank you so much for your love and support of us. We are excited to continue to share our life and ministry with you. We would love to know how we can pray for you so please let us know how we can serve in that way. If at any time you would like to contact either of us whether it’s with prayer requests, wanting to visit, or just to catch up, please feel free to contact us with the information provided below.

Prayer Requests:

  • For the students as they continue to grow this year in the School of Discipleship
  • Specifically for Danae, Jazlyn, and Tiana as we continue to have them down every week to talk about what God is doing in their lives
  • For upcoming retreats and for Summer Camp, that God’s name will be glorified and that many would come to repentance
  • For me as I prep for a long, hard Summer of working the Summer Camp with an addition of a large baby bump
  • For finances as we look forward to the blessing of a baby along with schooling expenses for Daniel as he works toward his Seminary degree
  • For our Country and the surrounding Countries that God would glorify Himself!

Serving our Lord together,
Daniel and Cherish Benedict