Hannah Snyder

Hannah Snyder grew up in Fort Wayne, Indiana. She began attending camp as a rancher, and then continued on to be an in-training and summer staff. She then came as a student to the School of Discipleship in 2014 and stayed through 2016. From there in the fall of 2016, Hannah began working as staff as the head cook in the kitchen.


Hannah’s Newsletter

December 2022

Hey friends,

It once again has been far too long since I have updated you. Summer has flown by and I saw the first snow flakes of the season today, but the fall leaves are still quite beautiful and I have been enjoying spending some time outside while the weather is still somewhat warm. This week concludes the last of our retreats until the end of November.

It has been over a month since I began this newsletter and the leaves are gone as is the snow (for now), thanksgiving has come and gone as has our hunters retreat and community Christmas party. Coming up is a staff Christmas party after which I will head home for about a week.

This year there are two second year students and one first year who decided to have food service as their area of focus. We have been focusing on working through a national food handler certification class and will turn their studies to baking next. Along with their specific classes, they are also learning how to use food as a tool to minister to others, being hospitable by following in the example of Christ who has loved us and humbled himself as a servant. The second years also are getting the chance to exercise leadership skills that they learned over the past year with the students that have come in for a first year as they teach them different skills in the kitchen and also lead them in chores. It is exciting to see the students settle in and grow. I have also begun reading through Transforming Grace written by Jerry Bridges with them to encourage them in the vastness of God’s great grace.

Summer was awesome! Some highlights from this summer were, my brother, Josh, was able to take time off work to help fill a need that we had for guy counselors. It was great to have him around even though we didn’t have much time to spend together throughout the week; it was great to see and catchup with other returning summer staff and to be able to meet some new summer staff. The volunteers this summer were also a great help and a joy to get to know. It’s still amazing to me how many people are willing to give of their time and energy to help this ministry thrive. I love getting to know the volunteers, although I also feel the pressures of my job and a lack of time to be able to build quality relationships.

Favorites of the fall have been my parents and brother have been up several times to visit. My parents painted my trailer and my brother made me a Murphy (folding) bed, so my house feels much more homey to me. I was also able to attend a friend’s wedding, even in the business of all of the fall retreats. Some fun things from this fall’s retreats have been being able to connect with friends and for our harvest party we have a pie competition/auction where people donate pies to be sold to raise money for the scholarship fund. This year I was able to be one of the judges who got to taste all 53 pies, which, yes, just in case you were not sure, is a fantastic job — they were all amazing.

At the beginning of November Hannah Landis joined Darci and I as kitchen staff, and she has been a great addition to our team. I am excited for the many single girls that have joined on staff this year. It is a lot of change, but also I am looking forward to seeing how God works in and through them.

I am with the Freeman family once again as an advisor, we have two students a first year and a second year. We have had great conversations and fun playing games like Taco Cat Goat Cheese Pizza, Spot it!, and Dutch Blitz. Something that I have really appreciated this year is grading their monthly projects, each month they have a project that focuses on a different attribute of God from a book of the Bible, and it has been so encouraging to see what they are learning about God and to be reminded of how God has revealed himself to us in his word. God has once again been reminding me of his faithfulness to his people, and his goodness to me through their different projects.

Other projects that I have been blessed to be able to helped with have included, assisting with harvesting hay, helping to get a floor ready for infloor heating in some of the up and coming staff housing, and working some of the horses to get them ready for summer.

Thank you all for your prayers and support.

In Christ,
Hannah Snyder

Prayer Requests and Praises:

  • That I would not grow complacent in my relationship with Christ or my job
  • For the ranch that God would provide specifically funds
  • The wonderful year that we have had and the many that have come to know Christ
  • God’s provision in little and big things

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