Hannah Snyder

Hannah Snyder grew up in Fort Wayne, Indiana. She began attending camp as a rancher, and then continued on to be an in-training and summer staff. She then came as a student to the School of Discipleship in 2014 and stayed through 2016. From there in the fall of 2016, Hannah began working as staff as the head cook in the kitchen.


Hannah’s Newsletter

Spring 2022

Hello all, it has been far too long (and for that I apologize).

So what is new in my life? In many ways my life is the exact same that it was the last time I sent an update. I am still working in the kitchen at Miracle Mountain Ranch where cooking, cleaning, and shopping are my main responsibilities. In the kitchen however there has been some change as Christina Coder, who worked with me in the kitchen, now works in the barn. We have not yet added another staff to fill the void in the kitchen, but I am happy to see how well Christina fits into the team at the barn and how much she enjoys working there.

This past year (after 2020), we are happy to have been able to return to a full summer and retreat schedule. I often forget how blessed I am in the job that I have, but as it was taken away for a season, I found fresh joy in the ministry that we are able to have here. Summer camp was especially exciting for me this past summer as once again had a full camp. I am once again looking forward to another full spring of retreats and summer of camp. This spring I am also looking forward to as a kitchen staff having the opportunity to cater several weddings for different ranch staff, and although I would not want to cater full time I do enjoy the opportunity to bless the staff families.

I was able to move from my room with a roommate to a small trailer which I live in by myself which has been fun! Although I have realized that I do not spend as much time at my house as I thought I did, and somehow even though I am hardly ever at my house it still becomes quite the mess! It has been fun to have a place to myself where I can invite people over, I have a few students that have found that it is a quiet place to study and I have enjoyed spending time with them in that way.

This past fall I had the opportunity to share a Message from the Mount for our Ladies Retreat, I shared from Hebrews 11 and 12 about the faithfulness of God and His love for us even within His correction and training of us. I was able to use a horse that I have had the opportunity to be working with for a few months, I have been really enjoying spending some of my time at the barn where I have had the chance to learn a little more about riding and training horses and have been able to ride fairly frequently and have been assigned a few different horses that I am able to work with to prepare them for summer.

This year we have 30 students who are here for the School of Discipleship, which is double what we had last year. I enjoyed the smaller group of last year because I felt as though I was able to get closer to the students and create better relationships with more of them, whereas this year, and other larger years, it sometimes feels as though I know all of them a little bit but struggle more to build deep relationships. Nevertheless, I am very blessed by the different relationships that I have been able to build. The School of Discipleship is a significant part of what all of the staff here do, it is our job and goal to encourage and challenge each of the students in their relationship with Christ. This is done in many different ways through Bible classes and a time of morning worship. While these are some of the more direct forms of instruction, the goal is also to have each student interact with us in our jobs and our lives as we aim to point to Christ and be an example of what it is to follow after Christ. So as I teach students in the kitchen, the end goal is not just feeding people physical food, but also feeding them the bread of life. The past two years I have been privileged to join the Freeman family for their advisor group. I have been so blessed to learn from them and also to feel like a part of their family. Advisor groups are a weekly meeting where students join a staff family for an evening meal and time of fellowship. The advisors also grade their students’ monthly projects which include: a Bible project which focuses on a portion of Scripture and an attribute of God, an inductive Bible study, and a counseling with the Psalms project where they look at a Psalm and learn to encourage and challenge themselves and others from God’s Word.

I was able to go on two vacations this past year. One vacation was with a fellow staff family, the Coxes, to Holden Beach, North Carolina, and over Christmas I went with my family, minus Abi, to Maine for a ski vacation. Both vacations were wonderful and so refreshing. This spring one of the staff ladies also started a Bible study where we are looking at a book that talks about our identity in Christ which has been convicting as I see many things other than Christ that I place my identity in, we have also been keeping each other accountable to be memorizing Scripture and we are currently working through Psalm 51.

I am incredibly blessed by each of you that support me, and by being able to have the job that I do. God is so faithful in my life and I love that I work surrounded by a body of likeminded believers that are faithful to encourage me in seeking after Christ and where I am encouraged to share the work of God.

In Christ,
Hannah Snyder

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