Hannah Snyder

Hannah Snyder grew up in Fort Wayne, Indiana. She began attending camp as a rancher, and then continued on to be an in-training and summer staff. She then came as a student to the School of Discipleship in 2014 and stayed through 2016. From there in the fall of 2016, Hannah began working as staff as the head cook in the kitchen.


Hannah’s Newsletter

Fall 2023

Hey, friends!

It is again time for an update on what is happening in my life and here at the Ranch. First off, summer was fantastic! We had many wonderful volunteers that assisted us so much in the kitchen — their help was invaluable. The past years group of students (2022-2023) has graduated and I am so excited for them as they continue following after Christ in this next step in their lives. This year (2023-2024) we have 27 students, nine of whom are returning students who have chosen to stay for a second year. I am thrilled for what God will teach them throughout the year as I already see them growing and learning through their class work and work projects.

This fall has been full of retreats and weddings. All of which have been a blessing to me. The biggest change to our fall retreat schedule was that we added a second ladies retreat. Our goal was to be able to better serve the ladies that choose to attend this popular retreat and the option of two weekends seemed to go very well as we had about 80 ladies in attendance both weekends. I was thankful to be able to teach a class on baking sourdough both weekends, with Chelsea Marshall, who is also on staff, and for the second weekend I had the opportunity to help Matt Cox with a Message from the Mount. This is where we use horses as tools to illustrate and share God’s Word. This fall I have also been able to adjust my schedule so that in the mornings I am now assisting in the barn by riding and training horses. At this point there are two horses that I ride consistently and four others that I rotate through. This has been really fun for me so far, especially as the weather has been beautiful. One of the weddings this fall was of my brother, Josh, who will be coming on staff with his wife, Rachel. It’s fun to have them near by, as well as, Nathan and Kelsey and their kids.

I am once again grateful to be partnered with the Freeman family for an advisor group. We have two students that meet with us weekly, Nyiah and Savannah.

I was so blessed to be invited to join the Cox family on vacation to Holden Beach, North Carolina, which was so very refreshing. The weather there was beautiful, most of the week, with the weather being in the 70’s. I joined Emily and Jenni on running a race and although I do not run often, was a fun way to start off vacation. While at the beach I was in awe of the majesty of God and His faithfulness to His promises. He created the earth and sea and still He chose to care for me, even as I sin against Him again and again. Yet, He loved me and while I was His enemy, He died for me. I am awestruck at such a God!

I would love to tell you about the things that you are interested in and want to know about. Sometimes I forget what all I’ve explained in past newsletters and what I haven’t, so if you have questions or things that you would like to hear about, let me know! You can either e-mail me at or write me a letter at 101 Rodeo Drive, Spring Creek, PA 16436.

Thank you all so much for your prayers and support in the ministry that I have here God has blessed me greatly through you.

In Christ,
Hannah Snyder

Prayer request:

  • That I would be a faithful steward of the time that God has given me
  • That I would continue to learn to love as I have been loved
  • For the students that they would learn to delight in the Lord

And Praises:

  • For a wonderful fall season
  • For the fellowship of the Body of Christ
  • For the faithfulness of God and His work in my life