Josh and Rachel Snyder

Josh and Rachel Snyder

Josh and Rachel Snyder grew up going to summer camp as well as serving as volunteers and on summer staff in many different positions. Rachel attended the School of Discipleship from 2019-2021. Upon graduating she joined us on staff in the Operations Department in the fall of 2021. She assists with daily water testing for the state, projects around the shop, and working alongside students. Josh returned to serve during the summers as a counselor in 2022 and as program staff in 2023. He is now serving in the Programming Department with various construction projects, housekeeping maintenance, retreats, and teaching welding to the shop students.

Josh and Rachel Snyder’s Newsletter

Winter 2023

Hello Friends and Family!

Many exciting changes have happened since the last time I wrote! I guess the biggest one is getting married just a few weeks ago! On October 21st, Josh and I were married in the church my family has been attending since I was young, surrounded by many wonderful friends and family! We were so thankful for the time of fellowship we were able to have with so many who are dear to us!

Since my last letter in June, we had an amazing summer camp season. I spent the summer working in the barn as the head of the vaulting department. Our new vaulting horse, Ebony, was a huge blessing to the ministry of vaulting this summer, and finished her first summer wonderfully. I was very thankful for the two young ladies who worked alongside me this summer. Once summer ended, I spent my time between the shop and barn as we went through our fall retreat season. I was able to help with second cutting hay in the shop, driving tractors and learning new skills. As well as run vaulting for family camps, and horse lovers! At the beginning of October, I headed home to spend some time with my family before our wedding. Getting to spend some sweet time with my parents and sisters.

After summer camp, Josh spent his time volunteering in the shop on regular work days doing some welding projects and whatever else needed to be done. When retreats were in, he helped out with those, whether in the kitchen, programming, or shop. After getting back to the Ranch after our wedding, Josh has started working in the programming department. He has been working on dry walling, painting, and other tasks that need to be done to finish up some of the newer staff housing.

I will continue working in the Operations Department completing daily tasks as well as playing piano for the School of Discipleship students morning worship. The amount of time I work will be a little less than before. I will continue helping around the shop whether going on parts runs, organization projects, working on equipment, and getting to work alongside the students. 6 students have chosen operations as their area of focus, 3 of them are girls! I look forward to getting to work with them as well as disciple them!

This year will be a bit different as we will not be part of or have advisor students. We do have the wonderful opportunity to host advisor groups when their normal advisors are under the weather or are away. We are excited for this opportunity to build relationships with the students and spend time with them. Even though our home isn’t large, we have a nice little living room area in which we are looking forward to hosting a few students at a time for games or meals! As of now, Josh and I are blessed to be living in a one bedroom apartment in the basement of one of the houses at the bottom of the ranch’s front hill. It is quite different living at the bottom of the hill vs. up in camp, as I have been used to since coming on staff, but it is really nice and we are thankful for the space we have!

What is coming up ahead for Josh and I? Later this month, Josh and I will be heading to the house he owns in Indianapolis to pack up all his belongings, work on fixing, and finishing up a few projects around the house, talk to people from his church about support, as well as figure out what the next best option for his house is by talking to a renters agency.

We would appreciate your prayers in the following requests as well as for us as we work in ministry here at Miracle Mountain Ranch. We have been so greatly blessed by our Father who loves and cares for us so much! We would love to hear from you if you have questions or would like to catch up! You can either call, text, or email us! If you would like to receive our support letter via email, please send me your email address to the address below!

Some prayer requests:

  • As we travel back to Indiana, for safety as we travel to and from as well as prayers for wisdom as to what to do with his house.
  • As we continue learning and growing in our new married relationship, as well as figuring out what our jobs on staff look like. New position for Josh and figuring out what my current position looks like.
  • Support raising, we are required to raise a minimum of $1,300 per month as a married couple. We are not quite at that goal yet, so would appreciate your prayers in trusting in the Lord to provide what we need when we need it. If you are interested in monetarily supporting Josh and I, you can follow the directions in the note below!

Supporting Us:

If you are interested in becoming one of our supporters here are a few things to know: 100% of your gifts are given to us and are tax deductible. Checks can be made out to Miracle Mountain Ranch and have ‘Josh + Rachel Snyder’ on the memo line and mailed to Miracle Mountain Ranch 101 Rodeo Dr. Spring Creek, PA 16436. There is also a direct withdrawal option from your checking account. This can be set up by contacting the ranch office at (814-664-7673). More information can be found by clicking the button below.

Thank you!