Ben and Stephanie Freeman

Benjamin grew up in Brazil and Stephanie comes from Oklahoma. Having met at the Ranch while Benjamin was a student (class of 03-05) and Stephanie (class of 99/01) was serving as the receptionist, they were married in 2005. A passion for ministry and discipleship led them back to the Ranch after 10 years of ministry as missionaries in Brazil. They have been a part of the staff team since 2015. Benjamin currently serves in the Equine Department and Stephanie is found helping out here and there, but mostly at home with their 4 daughters. Rebekah, 15, Rachael, 13, Esther, 12 and Janessa, 4.

Ben and Stephanie’s Newsletter

August 2022

“Beloved, let us love one another, for love is of God; and everyone who loves is born of God and knows God. He who does not love does not know God, for God is love.”
– I John 4:7-8

Dear Friends,

“Amazing Love” has been our theme this Summer. During the last 7 weeks we have seen over 1,200 Kids (ages 6-18) come through our Summer Camp program. Every Sunday evening, the start of camp, Benjamin has shared the Gospel through a MFTM (Message from The Mount) speaking on the Amazing Love of God and what that looks like. Likewise, Matt Cox (MMR Director) has shared a MFTM every Friday evening during the closing program at camp so that the parents (who have come to pick up their children) will also have opportunity to have heard the Gospel message on God’s amazing love. For the messages this summer, Benjamin used our personal mare, Raven, and introduced 2 year old Joey to the saddle. Illustrating the discipleship relationship as Joey borrowed confidence from 8 year old Raven, and salvation as Joey learned to trust the trainer in his life. Both Matt and Benjamin ride “Brisket” the Texas Longhorn Steer. During the last 7 years that we have been at MMR, we have had the privilege of preaching the gospel through the MFTM ministry at nursing homes, churches, school groups, and fairs.

Though our summer season is coming to an end, the ministry at Miracle Mountain Ranch is not ending. Fall will usher in a variety of retreats in which we seek to serve and encourage individuals, families and churches through counsel of God’s Word. We will also be graduating our 2021-22 SOD (School of Discipleship) Students; sending them back out into the world as ambassadors for the Gospel. After their departure we will be welcoming our new students who are coming in after Labor Day to be equipped with Biblical tools to do the same in 2023. Our family hosts, on a weekly basis, 2-3 students each year as part of our family through hospitality and accountability.

Our greatest joy and passion are being a part of the discipleship program. Whether it is sitting down with students, or summer staff, to help them walk through life in a Biblical manner, on top of a horse, or helping them with homework. In the barn the goal is teaching them how take the Gospel plus the various principles and techniques of training horses that is combined with the truth of Scripture, to develop a Gospel centered message that can be shared with those we come in contact with throughout the year.

In addition to MMR ministries, we currently homeschool our 4 girls, and participate in a local co-op. This summer Rebekah and Rachael were able to participate as assistant summer staff in both programming and barn departments. It has been a joy to see them grow and mature in their relationship with the Lord and to see solid friendships develop. Esther has been Stephanie’s right hand with the house, garden and helping with Janessa. At ages 15, 14, 12 and 4 they are constantly growing and changing, and their homeschool curriculum has to grow with them. Now with two highschoolers, we are embracing the challenge that school brings us, and looking forward to see what the girls will decide to do with their futures. Stephanie has been busy helping organize mentor meetings with barn summer staff, cooking for girls wilderness camp, and as summer wraps up, SOD graduation August 20th.

For us to continue doing this work at MMR, we are in need of your financial support. Over the past year, we have been finding it increasingly difficult to make ends meet for our family. We have relied heavily on the yearly tax refund to carry us through the year and to take care of any large expenses. It is recommended that we raise approximately $3,000.00 per month and as of right now we are at less than half of that. We recognize that many of you are in this same financial struggle as our economy and country is struggling. So, we ask with hesitation, but desperately needing to ask; “If you are not already supporting us, would you consider doing so on a monthly basis?” And if not, could you commit to praying for us on a regular basis? Thank you!!

Love, Benjamin & Stephanie Freeman and family

Prayer & Praise

  • Wisdom raising our family
  • Finances
  • Vehicle maintenance
  • Appliance needs
  • Praise God for safety amongst the horses and everyday farm life
  • God always Provides (in His time)
  • Beautiful Summer
  • Over 1200 kids hearing the Gospel

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