Ben and Stephanie Freeman

Benjamin and Stephanie Freeman, both 2nd year graduates of the discipleship program, were married in the fall of 2005 and spent ten years on the mission field in Brazil. Now led to transition back to MMR, Benjamin is working in the Operations department, as well as assisting with Message from the Mount. Benjamin and Stephanie have three young girls, and are excited to be a part of a ministry where discipleship and education are both taught and lived out.


Ben and Stephanie’s Newsletter

October 2017

“In our natural life our ambitions change as we grow, but in the Christian life the goal is given at the very beginning, and the beginning and the end (goals) are the very same, namely our Lord Himself. We start with Christ and we end with Him… not simply our own idea of what the Christian life should be. The goal of the missionary is to do God’s will, not to be useful or to win the lost. A missionary is useful and he does win the lost, but that is not his goal. His goal is to do the will of his Lord.” My Utmost for His Highest by Oswald Chambers (bold emphasis added)

Greetings from NW Pennsylvania. Yes we are still here. Yes it has been a long while since our last letter and update. Hopefully, we can bring you up to date with all that has transpired this year.

Life at Miracle Mountain Ranch (MMR) keeps us very busy. This past year has seen many retreats, projects and even surprises for our family. Stephanie had the opportunity to go with the MMR mission team to Mexico. It was a challenging and encouraging trip. It also brought back memories of things we loved and miss in Brazil. It was during this time that Stephanie began to feel a bit odd and found out that we are expecting baby number 4, due this Christmas. (that was the surprise part of the the Spring)

Despite the excitement of another child on the way (due December 26th), we still managed to finish up a full year of homeschooling and were given the encouraging news, by our evaluator, that the girls are indeed learning (This year we have joined a co-op and are enjoying the challenge, encouragement and socialization that this brings.)

Jumping into summer camp season… Benjamin’s main focused continued to be finishing construction on the dorm rooms in upstairs of the Brokenstraw bathhouse. He, along with the rest of the operations department are feverishly at work to have the project completed this fall.

Benjamin has had many opportunities to speak with the Message from the Mount ministry for summer camp, a couple of county fairs and a week of boys Wilderness camp. In addition to speaking he was involved with co-leading a daily Bible study with the young men that come to volunteer during the summer season.

Stephanie also has had her share of responsibilities during the summer. She led a week of Jr. Chapel, and assisted with a week of girls wilderness camp. All in all, MMR saw close to 1200 kids ages 6-17 come to camp. It was a full summer and it was exciting to see God at work in kids lives and the lives of our summer staff and students.

This August we said goodbye to the class of 2016/2017 with a graduation ceremony for 36 students. After graduation ceremonies we were able to head to Oklahoma to see Stephanie’s parents. They took us camping in Montana and South Dakota to visit 2 recreational mines Stephanie’s stepdad recently purchased. We had a very enjoyable time seeing the beautiful country our God has created and collecting many pretty rocks. At the end of the trip, we picked up 2 registered Quarter horse mares.

Benjamin has long been thinking of investing in a horse(s) of his own to train and be used in the Message From the Mount ministry, and for our family to enjoy. This spring he began looking and found two young horses not far from Stephanie’s parents. After careful consideration,prayer, and counting of pros and cons, we decided to make the investment using our tax refund. We have already begun using them for Messages and are excited to see how they will turn out. The girls love them and are still very enthusiastic to help with barn chores.

After Labor Day, we said hello to the class of 2017/2018. There are 31 students currently attending and we are personally are working with 2 young ladies; Makayla Rothey (2nd year) and Tellie Pequette (1st year) students.

Our fall is full of weekend retreats, weddings, speaking opportunities and preparing for the arrival of our baby girl. God has been so good in His provision as we prepare for her arrival. Rebekah and Rachael are excited to be big sister’s again, and Esther is very much looking forward to having the chance at being a big sister.

Prayer & Praise

  • Graduation and new class of students
  • Praise for provision and protection
  • God’s love for us in our fallen state
  • Able to visit family and friends
  • Opportunities to share Nov 12 in Ohio
  • Provision of many things needed for Baby
  • The horses and ministry possibilities
  • Prayer for Stephanie & Baby Girl (Due Dec. 26th)
  • Travels for sharing opportunities (Nov. 3-5th Syracuse NY. Nov 12 OCF Mansfield OH Nov 12th evening Norton ACCF)
  • We need to “upgrade” our family vehicle to one that can seat 7 or more and haul a trailer.

We appreciate your prayers and encouragement, through prayer, letters and financial support. Though our letters are not as often as we (or you) would like, you are in our hearts, thoughts and prayers of appreciation. May God continue to bless you as we all endeavor to do His will in a world and culture that is more and more against His will.

In Christ,
Freeman Family
Benjamin Stephanie Rebekah Rachael Esther and Baby

101 Rodeo Dr
Spring Creek, PA 16436
[email protected]

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