Hunter Uplinger

Hunter grew up in Warren, PA and has been coming to Miracle Mountain Ranch since she was ten years old. She came as a first-year student in our School of Discipleship program and graduated in August of 2021. After graduating, Hunter went back home where she had the opportunity to manage and run her own lesson and training barn. In her year away from Miracle Mountain Ranch, she has been a volunteer in our barn and has assisted in the student’s horsemanship lessons. Hunter joined our resident staff in August of 2022, and her responsibilities will be to assist in the equine department and to instruct and facilitate the student’s horsemanship lessons.


Uplinger Updates

November 2022

Dear friends and family,

Life here at Miracle Mountain Ranch seems to always be teeming with life. In the spring we have the blessing of new life. In the summer, we are blessed with the sounds of laughter and fellowship during our summer camp season. In the fall, we are blessed with out new students. In the winter, we are blessed with God’s provision as life continues to flourish throughout the colder months.

Currently, we are in the fall season, which means we have been blessed with the opportunity to serve the new incoming students! This year, we are welcoming 30 young adults into our School of Discipleship program. We are always encouraged to see their excitement as relationships begin to grow. Speaking of relationships, I have been blessed by many of the friendships that I myself am beginning to develop.

In addition to the students coming in early September, we have had numerous retreats during this fall season. One of the retreats that recently encouraged me was the Ladies Retreat. This retreat brings together women from around the area for a time of encouragement and fellowship. The sessions for this retreat were centered around the Gospel, and how to make our everyday lives reflect the glory and beauty of the Gospel.

In my own life, God has challenged me in many ways during this season. He has challenged me to seek His face and His will in everything. As the routines begin to settle, I think we oftentimes get into the habit of forgetting the details. Thankfully, God has challenged me to see Him in the details as we move forward into the fall and winter. Praise God for His glory!

I was recently encouraged by a sermon at my church. Moses complained to God and gave excuses when God has called him to be God’s spokesperson. Moses said that he wasn’t eloquent, that he didn’t know enough, and that he just didn’t want to. While there are many more excuses Moses gave, the sermons focused rather on the replies that God gave Moses. God told Moses that He was powerful, that God would be with Moses, and that God would teach Moses what to say. It was a time of growth for me as it challenged me to self-reflect and think on the excuses I give God throughout the day. God continually goes before me, and no matter the excuses, I must surrender to His will daily.

Prayer Requests:

  • I am continuing to pursue a degree in Early Childhood Education. Prayers for wisdom, grace in time management, and endurance would help greatly.
  • Prayers for finances.
  • Prayers for a heart that is willing to serve and prayers for a teachable spirit.
  • Prayers for the students’ health and perseverance as the SOD program finishes up Phase 1.
  • Prayers for grace and wisdom as I continue to build those friendships.
  • Prayers for the health of other staff members.
  • Prayers for the safety of the horses as we begin our horsemanship lessons with the students.


  • For my health as God continues to keep me going.
  • For the blessing of the students’ safe arrivals.
  • For the success of our retreats this fall season.
  • For God’s provision and protection.


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