Daniel and Kara Stanley

Daniel and Kara Stanley, both graduates of the School of Discipleship, met in 2007 and married in 2017. Daniel came on staff in 2015, and now serves as the Director of the School of Discipleship. He is heavily involved with teaching and writing curriculum for the students. He has a B.A. in Biblical Studies from Bethlehem College and Seminary. Kara came on staff in 2008 and served as the Equine Program Director for nine years. She now serves as the Dean of Women for the School of Discipleship, in which she oversees the day-to-day life of the student body.


From the Stanleys

February 2023

From Can to Can’t

I’ve always loved that phrase—from can to can’t. It’s another way of saying “all day,” from the moment you can see in the morning to when you finally can’t see in the evening. It’s a very southern phrase, which fits my (distant) southern roots!

It’s a good way of describing our son’s level of activity right now, too. From can to can’t, Gavin is moving, playing, and talking! Our little boy turned three at the beginning of this month, and we are continually amazed at how fast he is growing! Recently, Kara has been spending a little time every day doing “school” with him, which has added a new dimension to her life. We are so glad for our active little boy!

“From can to can’t” also describes life in the Stanley home recently. There’s always something going on at MMR, and the retreat season is just picking up for the year. In addition to that, last fall Daniel became the pastor, more or less, or a church we planted with other families from the area. We love our church, Providence Reformed, but it does keep us busy!

Our advisor group has been one of the more calming aspects of life this year. We have two students, Jacob and Evan. These two men are growing fast, and it’s a joy to be a part of their lives. We also have Josiah Gross as a staff coadvisor with us this year. Josiah is a good friend, and certainly a load-lifter with the advisor group.

In the School
As of last fall, Daniel has three full-time staff helping him in the School of Discipleship. Tyler Chundrlek, long-time staff member, took a position in the School to help with planning and teaching, and has been a huge help to the other staff.

We have really enjoyed this year’s student class. The class of ’23 is a fun group to teach and work with, exhibiting great attitude and a learner’s spirit. We’re excited to walk with them through the last half of their year here and then launch them into the world for kingdom work!

Pray for us!
There’s a lot going on in the upcoming months. Please pray with us:

  • Pray that our current students will finish the year well;
  • Pray that the Lord will bring in a full cadre of young men and women in the coming year;
  • Praise God for the planting and early success of Providence Reformed Church;
  • Pray that God will supply the necessary funds for us to continue our work here!

Please prayerfully consider supporting us financially. If you would like to or feel called to support us in this ministry financially, here are some things you might like to know:

  • 100% of your support goes directly to us.
  • All gifts are tax deductible.
  • Check or money orders should be made out directly to Miracle Mountain Ranch, designated for us on a separate piece of paper or in the memo line.
  • MMR does have the ability to do direct deposit withdraws from your checking or savings account for your monthly giving.
  • Support can also be given online at

Thank you all for your investment of time, money, prayer and friendship into our lives and ministry. We look forward with you to a great year in 2023. God bless you!

Daniel, Kara, and Gavin