Teddy and Noelle Purdie

Noelle is a 2010 graduate and Teddy a 2011 graduate of the School of Discipleship. They were married in April 2018. Teddy has been on staff since September of 2014 and works in the Program Department as the Activities Director. His job includes maintaining current programming activities, handling the Boys Wilderness Camps, paintball, assisting with retreats and events, leading student work crews, and researching and implementing new ideas. Noelle has been on staff since September of 2011 and is our Guest Services Manager and Accountant’s assistant. Her responsibilities include organizing volunteers, overseeing the cleaning and upkeep of the facilities, and general work in the accounting department. Teddy and Noelle have two daughters, Hannah (2) and Ruby who was born May 19, 2021.


The Purdie’s Post

Summer 2022

Happy Summer! We have been enjoying the beautiful weather here in NW PA and keeping busy with retreats, summer prep and family life.

This Spring we had great attendance at our various retreats. These retreats included: Quilter’s retreat, Media/Photography retreat, Father Daughter, Father Son, Mother Daughter and Horse Lover’s retreats. I (Noelle) hosted and ran the Quilter’s retreat. Quilting is one of my favorite hobbies and I was blessed and encouraged by all the ladies who attended this year. Teddy hosted and ran the Father Son retreat and organized and worked with a group of 25 volunteers who came out for a week-long “missions trip” with their school to help around the ranch. What a blessing they were as we prepared for Open House and now summer camp.

Summer camp started up June 5 with a camp for a Christian cyber school and then June 12 started our staff training. We were in great need of guy counselors for the summer. However, as always, God proved Himself faithful to provide. We had great guys apply and they were readily accepted.

During the summer Teddy will again be running 4 weeks of our guys’ wilderness camps as well as overseeing the paintball program. Noelle, besides taking care of the girls, will be organizing and communicating with our volunteers and having some of the girl counselors over for accountability, refreshment and encouragement. Our summer is already very close to full and we are praising God for bringing people here to hear the Gospel and learn more about Him.

This summer, our students will serve in a variety of roles. Anna Cover will be a riding instructor, Esther Waite will be one of our photographers and Sarah Sears will be a counselor. We have enjoyed having them join our family this past year and are excited to see them grow in their roles this summer.

Hannah and Ruby are growing and learning so much! Hannah potty trained pretty quickly right before Christmas and it wasn’t long before she asked to wear undies to bed! (woohoo!) She is still Daddy’s little helper, she really enjoys playing outside, riding her bike and helping “her friends” (aka, anyone she sees doing a job as we go on walks). She is a talker and we love hearing her recall events and activities and figure out problems.

Ruby just turned 1 on May 19. She also just started walking on Memorial Day and is walking everywhere. She loves “Dada” and is very sad if he leaves her behind. She really enjoys playing outside, animals and playing with dolls and vehicles. She has learned to say, “please” if she wants something and has added that to “dada, Hannah, horse, go, up, down, out, no, mama, baby, night night” and most recently, “help.” We really enjoy and are always amazed at watching the 2 of them learn new skills seemingly overnight sometimes!

We would love your continued prayers as we go into this very busy season. We are looking forward to another camp season of sharing the gospel and just loving on the kids that come into our lives this summer but we also need to be sure to balance that well with our time together as husband and wife and as a family.

I want to thank those of you that continue to keep me and my family in your prayers. While it is still very hard and we are still grieving over the loss of my dad, we are, as he asked us to the day before he passed, “continuing on as best as possible”. Time doesn’t heal and I don’t believe that God says we will forget about loss and pain. He does say that He is our Comforter and that, one day, we will meet again in Heaven if we have trusted Him as our Savior and “Come to Me all who are weary and heavy laden and I will give you REST”. And in the promises from the Bible and the hope of eternal life, I find peace.

I still cry often and miss my dad more every day but I am excited to introduce my kids to him through stories, pictures, memories and home videos.

We are so thankful for all of you and the prayers for our ministry here at MMR.

We would love to hear how all of our friends and family are doing! Please feel free to write us at: 101 Rodeo Dr Spring Creek, PA 16436 or e-mail at: [email protected] If you would rather receive our newsletter via e-mail, please let us know by e-mailing us at the above address.

Teddy, Noelle, Hannah & Ruby

Help Wanted Praises

  • Summer camp ’22 is pretty much full!
  • The new bunkhouse was finished just in time for the first week of camp
  • God’s provision of the summer staff and volunteers we need for the summer

Prayer Requests

  • For our upcoming School of Discipleship students. We still have plenty of openings for this Fall!
  • Health and strength and rest for Teddy as he has 4 weeks of wilderness camp this summer
  • Safety for Noelle and the girls as they travel to help a friend who is recovering from delivering a baby