Caitrin Allen

Caitrin graduated from the School of Discipleship in August 2022 as a 1st year student. She then came on staff in the Guest Services department in the main office where she helps register guests for events and summer camp throughout the year as well as doing other office work. She will also be in an advisor position mentoring students in the School of Discipleship program.


Caitrin Allen

October 2022

Hello Friends,

This August, I graduated from the School of Discipleship, and am now on staff serving as the receptionist/registrar for the Ranch! In this new job position, I am currently preparing for the Fall retreats that will be coming in, registering and housing guests, answering questions, and helping with the financial side of things a bit as well. I am also involved with the new students in various ways; that is one of the aspects of being staff that I am most enthusiastic about. As part of the School of Discipleship program, every student is assigned an advisor family whom they get to meet with every Tuesday evening. Advisors grade monthly projects, encourage and challenge students while they are here, as well as provide them with a home away from home throughout the year. I am part of one of the advisor groups and I am thankful for the opportunity to be in the position to advise, as well as grow alongside my advisee students.

I look forward to this year and the opportunity to serve God in new ways and to continue to grow in my own faith and walk with God. I can’t wait to see how God will use me, as well as challenge and grow me in different areas in my life: through other people, classes, and most importantly, through his word and guidance. I would appreciate your prayers during my time here, so, if you are willing to pray for me and my involvement here at the Ranch, here are several main ways that you can be praying:

  • That I will have a right focus as I strive to serve God and to grow in my faith, that I will not be distracted by People’s opinion of me or the desires of the flesh but that I will be able to trust the God I serve, remember why I am here, and to be effective in service, focusing on obeying and serving him.
  • For humility and a learning spirit as God continues to challenge, convict, and encourage me in different ways, through classes, sermons, discipleship and personal study.
  • On a side note, please pray for the students that God will grow, challenge, and stretch them through every aspect of this program during this year.

Lastly, as a reminder, although I value your prayers more than anything, God has given me the opportunity to live by faith in the area of financial support and iiI am asking that you will consider supporting me financially as well. As a Ranch staff member I need to be raising $1000 a month for various expenses, such as gas, car maintenance, snacks, and clothing, as well as adding to a savings account. I desire to be a good steward of all funds that I raise and to consider my spending carefully, as well as tithing all support that comes in. You can make donations online at or send checks addressed to “MMR” with my name in the memo. Checks can be sent to 101 Rodeo Drive, Spring Creek, PA 16436. If you have any questions please feel free to reach out and contact me by email, phone, or letter.

Caitrin Allen