Nathan and Kelsey Snyder

Nathan and Kelsey are both graduates from the School of Discipleship. Nathan’s primary role is working in Operations, he also assists in blacksmithing, vaulting, and promotion. Kelsey stays home, raising their three children: Judah, Hadassah, and Jane.


Snippets From The Snyder’s

December 2021

About Us:

Winter is here! We are getting quite a mix of snow and rain so far this winter. I must say we enjoy the snow over the rain though. The kids are enjoying being able to play in the snow and they have gotten to go sledding a few times. I am not sure if they enjoy the sledding more or the hot cocoa that comes after the sledding!

Judah has started doing some preschool 3-4 days a week this fall, and he has been loving doing crafts centered around a Bible story. He is now 4 and loves to play with tractors, climb any and everything, and watch Nathan and the operations department do hay.

Hadassah loves to do school with Judah and tries to do everything that big brother does. She is quick to learn and loves to be my big helper with just about anything. Hadassah will turn 3 in January and loves to play with her baby dolls, horses, do vaulting, and loves to swing.

Jane is now 1 and is such a joy. She loves to watch everything that Judah and Adi do and then try it out for herself. She was a bit of a late walker, but went from walking to trying to run in just a couple weeks! Some of her favorite things to do are playing peek a boo, eating, being with family, especially Mommy, and swinging.

I have been keeping busy with starting up preschool with Judah and Adi. It has been going well so far and for the most part, I have been enjoying this new phase for us. This fall I had the opportunity to speak for a session for our Ladies Retreat. It has been a few years since I have had the opportunity to do any public speaking, and though I was nervous, I love seeing how God shows me ways that I need to grow and humble myself before Him. I am also still running the vaulting department and it was fun to work with and get to know the new students. Nathan got to help out a couple of the days and we enjoy the opportunity to be able to work together. We also found out we are expecting again! I am 2 weeks away from being done with my 1st trimester. We would appreciate your prayers for a healthy pregnancy.

Nathan was kept busy with a few different projects over the spring and summer. His big project was welding together 40 bunkbeds or 80 beds to go into the bunkhouses for summer camp. He also headed up the mowing of the grounds and helped with the haying and the fixing of hay equipment. We made around 1,500 small square bales and around 630 large bales for first cutting and about 200 large squares and 40 or so round bales of 2nd cutting. Judah was happy to find he could push the round bales if they were on a slight down grade.

This fall the Ranch had the opportunity to, very cheaply, purchase 2 larger tractors that can run our large square baler that we can also use one as a back up in case our current one goes down. Both tractors need to get fixed up and then we are hoping to sell one of them to cover the cost of both tractors and the repairs. After the repairs are done, our hope is to put the plow on the new tractor. The guys are all looking forward to being able to plow with a cabbed tractor! The next big project is building a new bunkhouse for summer camp and Nathan will be working on building more beds for this bunkhouse as well.

Our Students:
This fall we welcomed 3 new girls into our group.

Alisa Beckman from MN, Kara Belliew from GA, and Mercy Woodcraft from PA.

These are the things that the girls have asked if you would come along side them and pray for them in these areas:

  • Alisa: learn and retain information
  • Kara: learning to forgive and ask forgiveness.
  • Mercy: grace towards others

We are so excited to see the work God is going to do in each of these girls this year.

Please pray that they would be given strength and excitement as they are deepening their relationship with Jesus Christ throughout this year.

We pray this letter finds you well this Christmas season! You are in our prayers and we thank you for your love and support!

With Love,
Nathan, Kelsey, Judah, Hadassah, and Jane Snyder

We Praise God For:

  • A more normal summer camp
  • We were able to do a fair amount of canning.
  • A decent hay season
  • Your prayer and gift support
  • Vacation time visiting family
  • The birth of Kelsey’s 2 nephews this summer

Prayer Requests:

  • The Lord would give us guidance on raising our children
  • We would disciple our children
  • For Kelsey as she starts homeschooling our kids.
  • Kelsey’s morning sickness would get better

All gifts are tax deductible and can be made out to MMRM, designated for Nathan Snyder, and sent to the Ranch at: 101 Rodeo Drive, Spring Creek, PA 16436. Gifts can also be made on-line through the Ranch’s website by using the button below.