Nathan and Kelsey Snyder

Nathan Snyder attended the School of Discipleship from 2008–2010. After graduating, he attended Mission Farrier School, then returned to his hometown in northeastern Indiana, where he worked in blacksmithing and construction, while also gaining experience in landscaping, painting, and snow plowing. Nathan joined the Miracle Mountain Ranch staff in the fall of 2015. While his primary role at MMR is in Operations, he also assists in blacksmithing, vaulting, and promotion. Kelsey is also a School of Discipleship graduate and they were married in August of 2016. Kelsey is the Vaulting Director. They have one son, Judah, who was born in June 2017, a daughter, Hadassah who was born January 2019, and another daughter who is due the end of July 2020.


Snippets From The Snyder’s

September 2020

About Us:

Judah turned 3 this summer and asked for a John Deere tractor cake. He still loves tractors and working with Nathan as often as he can. He loves to play outside on the new swing set and play with balls and frisbees. Judah has also started to do some school work a few days a week. He has been a quick learner and at this point enjoys our school times.

Hadassah is a year and a half and is Judah’s shadow. If Judah can do it, Adi can do it. She loves horses and swinging! She could swing for hours at a time if you would push her. I think her personal best is a little over an hour. She is slowly starting to use more words, but has only just decided that she likes to use words rather than just babbling.

Jane McKenzie was born July 31st at 11:47 A.M. She weighed 8 lbs 7 oz and was 19 1/2 in long. Judah and Adi love having a little sister. They often ask to hold her and love doing tummy time with her. She has been an absolute joy.

Kelsey: I have kept busy with learning how to do life with 3. We found a swing set on Marketplace at the beginning of summer and Nathan finished setting it up a few months ago. It has been such a blessing to have an area at the back of the house where the kiddos can play. This summer looked a lot different for me. Due to Covid-19, we did not do the vaulting program so I was able to stay at home and work a little bit more on keeping up with the landscaping, the garden, and being with the kids.We were blessed by a very plentiful garden this year. It gave us 10 + quarts of canned green beens, lots of fresh tomatoes for salsa and BLTs, and some of the largest pepper plants we have seen. A new recipe I have enjoyed making is chicken parmesan zucchini boats to break up the monotony of just plain zucchini!

Nathan: It has been fun watching Judah and Hadassah get more excited about diverse things that pique their interest! One of the things that I really enjoy is when I get to have “bring my kid to work” day. Judah continues to love tractors and all things equipment so he is more than happy to follow me around while I grease hay implements, help put tools away around the shop, and, should the need arise, drive anything that moves; but the bigger the tires the better!

While this summer was very different, it was probably as close to normal for Operations than any other department. There were no Friday night rodeos, we could not eat up in town, and we wore masks while greeting people. John Kliever, our Operations student, did a fantastic job in helping me run the lawn crews this summer. Hay ran as normal and we made the equivalent of close to 14 to 16 thousand small square bales. We were blessed to have been able to start using a large square baler at the end of last year which packs the equivalent of around 20 small squares in to 1 large 3 x 3 x 8 bale. This was such a blessing since we were able to use two skid steers to move all the hay off the field and into the barn with 4 people instead of the many needed to haul wagons and stack in the barn.

Looking forward to fall, we are aiming at getting as much manure spread onto the field which will have a positive effect on next years hay harvest. There will also be some changes to staff housing and we are potentially putting an addition onto one of the homes.

Our Students:
This year we are excited to have one of our single staff girls who works in the kitchen, Christina Coder, join us on Tuesday nights for our advisor meetings.

We have two students this year. We have one second year student, Peggy, who is from Azerbaijan, and Eva, a 1st year, who is from Chili.

We are very excited to see what God is going to do in both of their lives this year.

The Snyders
Nathan, Kelsey, Judah, Hadassah, and Jane


We Praise God For:

  • Jane’s safe arrival
  • A smooth transition to a family of 5
  • A successful summer camp
  • The new students
  • The swing set
  • A good hay season

Prayer Requests:

  • That the Lord would give us guidance in raising our children
  • Upcoming retreats
  • Wisdom for the executive team as they decide what needs to be done and what needs to wait
  • Continued health for us and the rest of the staff and students

In Need Of:

  • Continued prayers: the Lord has blessed us beyond measure – thank you all so much!

All gifts are tax deductible and can be made out to MMRM, designated for Nathan Snyder, and sent to the Ranch at: 101 Rodeo Drive, Spring Creek, PA 16436. Gifts can also be made on-line through the Ranch’s website by using the button below.