Donnie & Tonya Rosie

Donnie attended the School of Discipleship program from 2000 to 2002 and works as the Marketing Director and CFO for the Ranch. In 2010, he graduated with a Bachelor of Science in Business from Edinboro University of PA. Tonya homeschools their four children, George, Cole, Grant, and Karis.


The Rosie Family

Fall 2023

Hello friends,

It was a great summer at Miracle Mountain Ranch! We had over 1200 campers in our regular summer camp. It was a very full summer. There were over 81 kids who decided to follow Jesus, which is so rewarding! Christ was proclaimed every day at camp and the fruit shows.

The other part of camp ministry is the mentorship and discipleship that happens for the staff over the summer. MMR was so blessed by the staff that came to work and volunteered to make summer camp happen. Counselors, kitchen staff, barn staff, nurses, landscapers, grounds crews, photographers, and more came to serve. Tonya had the opportunity to mentor the girls who worked in the media department and host a devotional group for some of the counselors, which was very fun. Donnie’s role was to keep the outreach and development end of things going and provide oversight for the media team. The media team made many meaningful videos and took pictures for parents to see how their kids were doing at camp.We love the opportunity to get to know the young people who work here during the summer.

Another one of Donnie’s roles is to help fundraise so that there are scholarship funds available for kids to come to camp who couldn’t otherwise afford it. During Warren Gives we raised over $50,000 for the scholarship fund! We are so blessed to be able to help those in need come to camp!

Another project that he worked on was the Cattleman’s Hotel. This 6-bunkhouse unit was renovated and ready for camp this season. It is a huge blessing to have this building more up-to-date. We are now able to offer a couples retreat this winter, for the first time in quite awhile! We have eight more units that need to be renovated. This is probably a $500,000-800,000 project. That will be presented to friends of the ministry soon. We are also planning to buy 90 acres that adjoin the Ranch. This is a once-in-a-generation opportunity and land we already use. You can be in prayer that it all goes through well. There is a lot going on and a lot of growth potential!

Part of Donnie’s role is also changing, at least for the short term. He has taken on the business operations that Chip Hungerford ran. Chip took a new position at another camp down south. Donnie will provide oversight for the financial side of the ranch and oversee several office staff.
Please pray we keep it all balanced and God sends the staff and provisions necessary to accomplish His work at the Ranch.

Our house project is moving along, but we will not move this year. It will probably be next fall before we have the project done. We needed to do some more extensive work on the foundation and that is going to take time. Our family takes it one step at a time, and it will get done when it gets done; there is really no rush.

Our School of Discipleship students graduated in August. Lauren has moved on to new opportunities at home and Niyah was accepted as a second year student working in the kitchen. We loved getting to know these young ladies and seeing the good work that the Lord did in their lives over the year. Our new students arrived earlier in September and we are excited to get to know Elizabeth and Mercy as they join our family for the year.

Our kids are growing up so quickly and we are trying to treasure every moment with them. As they get older, they are able to be more involved in the Ranch ministry, which they love. The boys all worked in the camp store, loving their time with the summer staff and the treats that inevitably go with a job like that. Karis was up at camp as much as possible and loves to jump in to help in the kitchen when she can. Everyone had the opportunity to attend camp too. Now our school year is underway and the kids are playing soccer(George) and running cross country (Cole, Grant & Karis). Please pray for us as we try to parent to God’s glory and point our children toward Christ.

You can continue to pray for the Ranch, there are always projects to be done, money to raise, groups to host and students to mentor, but in the midst of all of that we want to be sure that the gospel is at the center of it all and that we bring everything back to the glorifying God. You can also pray for us as a family, that we are wise in the renovation of our house, that we mentor our students well and that we balance our time in the best way possible. You can also pray for Tonya’s health. She had an afib episode in August which was unexpected and very unnerving. So prayers for peace and no further complications would be appreciated.

As always, we would invite you to come visit the Ranch and see what we are about! There are a number of fall retreats and events that are open to you. Or just let us know you’re coming and we’ll be ready!

We are incredibly grateful for your prayers and support!

Much love,
Donnie, Tonya, George, Cole. Grant, & Karis Rosie