The Rosies

Donnie & Tonya Rosie

Donnie attended the School of Discipleship program from 2000 to 2002, and works as the Marketing Director for the Ranch. In 2010 he graduated with Bachelors of Science in Business at Edinboro University of PA. Tonya homeschools their four children, George, Cole, Grant, and Karis.


The Rosie Family

Fall 2020

A Ranch Recap

When we last wrote, we were still in the unknown of how the Ranch would function in a pandemic. Well, things have been different around here, but we have functioned! And really, by God’s grace, have been able to continue to reach out, to love and to share the good news of Jesus with many people. Our Summer Camp turned into Day Camp this year. We ran four full weeks and one Buckaroo half week at half capacity, but they were all full! Kids were still able to come play games, ride horses, make friends, and hear about Jesus! Since the end of camp, we have been able to host two Family Camps. These were also full as families were thankful for a place to go and things to do with their kids after a long summer. The Ranch has also held a Ladies’ Retreat, a Horse Lover’s Retreat, a Homeschool Day and a Harvest Party. It has been a wonderful time of ministry. We have found that many people want connection and need encouragement and we love being a place where that can happen.

Our School of Discipleship students were able to come back in April and graduated in August. Our new class arrived in September. It is a smaller class this year, 14 students, but so far they all have jumped in with enthusiasm and are doing great. We have been blessed to have Abbie and Rachel join our family this year. Abbie is a first year student from eastern PA and Rachel is a second year student from southern PA. It is our joy to have these girls over for dinner once a week, getting to know them and hearing what they are learning in their classes and work.

Family Fun

Donnie has been kept busy this whole time! Since the Media Retreat was cancelled this spring, he facilitated an online photography class, which was well received. In April, a School of Discipleship alumni called looking for some help moving his Wyoming home, so Donnie and George met up with another alumni, Jay Brenner, to give some help. In the summer, the media team was made up of the media students from the School of Discipleship, so they did a great job capturing all the camp fun! In October, our friend and Donnie’s assistant in media, Lydia, moved away. It will be interesting to see how God meets the need that is now there is that department. A number of this year’s students have expressed interest in media, so hopefully there will be a good team going forward. Donnie has continued to serve the community with photography and video and always has a project he is working on. He has been asked to speak for several churches in the last several months, which he always enjoys. Recently, Donnie was asked to help a nearby camp, Findley Lake, with their strategic planning, as they are under new ownership. It is a challenging, but exciting opportunity. He is confident they will thrive and ministry will happen in Findley.

In August, we both has the opportunity to travel to Alaska! A local group has been working to bring an locomotive engine that was originally built in Corry back home from Alaska, where it had been sent in 1902. This group asked Donnie (and his assistant, Tonya) to come along to document the process. It was so unexpected, but such a great trip! We got see one of the best places we have traveled to yet and build good relationships with some local friends that we didn’t really know before.

In September, we started on a much needed kitchen renovation! We took everything out and put down a new floor and put up new cabinets. It looks so good! We are so thankful for the many that have helped us with the project along the way. Dave Pykare helped with cabinets and Ed Lesh, Teddy Purdie, Drew Rosie and Tom Morse has helped install them. Derek Mantel helped with some outside prep work last fall.

In October, Tonya was able to speak for the Ladies’ Retreat. The topic was worry and it seemed so fitting to the time we have all found ourselves in. Our key verse was Psalm 55:22 “Cast your burden on the Lord, and He will sustain you; He will never permit the righteous to be moved.” It always good to be reminded that it is the Lord who holds all things in His hands and He is the one who will keep us. Pandemics, elections or any other circumstances cannot change that.

The children spent their summer swimming, playing outside and going to camp. They have started back to school and their mostly normal fall activities. Here are some current favorites:

George (9) -reading, riding bikes, playing soccer
Cole (7) – riding bikes, building puzzles, playing soccer
Grant (6) – being a farmer, hunting, helping Dad
Karis (4) – taking care of babies, being a ballerina, doing preschool

We are so thankful for all of you who pray for us and support us! Please keep in touch!

Much love,
Donnie, Tonya, George, Cole, Grant & Karis Rosie

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