Melissa Beckman

Melissa graduated from the School of Discipleship in August 2022 as a 1st year student. She then came on staff in the Guest Service department in housekeeping where she helps clean the facilities along with preparing for retreats and events that come in. She will also be mentoring and leading students in chores throughout the year and working with volunteers during the summer.


Melissa’s Newsletter

November 2022

Dear family and friends,

After I graduated from the School of Discipleship, I went back to MN to visit family, friends and to raise support for my new role in ministry in PA. I want to share a bit of what has been happening as I have been transitioning into the position in the housekeeping department at Miracle Mountain Ranch.

My days consist of leading students in chores, getting things ready for retreats, and keeping the buildings clean when retreats are in. I also clean the housing units, maintain the facilities, and complete everyday cleaning tasks here daily, weekly, and monthly. Since it has slowed down with retreats for a bit, I have been focusing on getting more things ready for winter and other jobs that are needed. One of my favorite parts of my position is working with the students and being able to talk about Christ and what He is doing in our lives while also preparing the ministry for its next retreat.

Being on staff at MMR, I have the opportunity to advise and encourage the students here. I have enjoyed getting to know and work with the students and I have already seen God working in their lives from their first month and a half here. I have seen God working in the hearts of students in how they are excited to learn more in classes and the conversations that they have! I am challenged in how I need to be ever so much in God’s word that I may be ready to share His truth with students as questions and conversations come up!

Prayer request I have is:

  • That I would grow into a good servant leader as I lead students in chores.
  • To understand how to communicate better to those I am around that we may serve together better.
  • To be disciplined in making sure I have time in God’s word.
  • For the students to get settled into a new routine and dive deep into this time of learning about God!

Praise report:

  • That I got settled into my house before the school year started and am getting to know other single staff ladies that live in the same house.
  • For all the students here!
  • For the opportunity I have to serve as I have wanted to do something like this for a time!
  • For all the ways God has provided

Thank you for your prayers and support! The work that is being done is amazing to see and I am excited to see what God does in this year and share it with you!

At Miracle Mountain Ranch as staff you are considered a missionary and raise your own support. If you feel like God is calling you to give, you can give online at the website by credit card or electronic withdrawal under the Donate tab or send a check in the mail written to MMR with my name in the memo section. The address is, 101 Rodeo Dr. Spring Creek, PA 16436. Your gifts are all tax deductible.

In Christ,
Melissa Beckman