Chad and Miriam Martin

Chad and Miriam, who are both graduates of the School of Discipleship, came on staff in October of 2021. Chad works primarily in the School of Discipleship overseeing student worktimes as well as teaching some classes. He also assists with maintenance projects as needed. Miriam does some landscaping work as she can, tending to flower beds and rock gardens around the ranch. Their son Finneas was born in June of 2023.


Martin’s Ministry Update

February 5, 2024

Happy New Year! The end of 2023 went by so quickly; life just seems to get busier and slip by. As we mentioned in our last letter, we had a new group of students join us in September. With this we have welcomed three of them into our advisor group. Our group looks a little different this year, because we didn’t have the space where we were living to host them every Tuesday, so we paired up with another staff family and have enjoyed this.

Big news! We were finally able to move! In November a trailer opened up so we packed everything up and moved it all in a matter of hours. It was a wonder how we fit everything we did in our small trailer, but it has been wonderful to have more space. Since moving we have been able to host more people in the few short months we have been here than we were able to in the two years we lived in the smaller place. Moving came just in time as Finneas started crawling within a few days of moving.

It’s hard to believe Finneas is eight months old now. He is into everything, crawling, pulling himself up on things, and seems only to be still when sleeping. He just cut his third tooth with a fourth on the way. I thank God for him every day as children are such a blessing from the Lord.

After much waiting, Chad finally received his green card in October. Finishing all the steps and being done with process felt like such a weight off of our shoulders. With the receiving of his green card, he was finally able to return to Canada for a visit. He hadn’t been back home in over two years. We were able to make two trips up in December and spend the holidays with his family. We look forward to making more trips up in the future.

Chad has continued teaching for the release time program on Tuesdays. Though it becomes a long day with having to drive 40 minutes one way to teach, it is rewarding seeing the children learn about the Gospel. This overlaps with his work at the ranch but our director is gracious in allowing him to put time each week towards this ministry as well.

In December he began preparing notes to co-teach Systematic Theology to the students at the ranch. He also began looking into how we can have our students get ministry experience in our local community. He got in touch with some local churches and people in the community who know of needs that maybe we can help with should the Lord will it.

I have found myself reflecting on the Lord’s blessings lately. There have been so many ways that he has provided for us over the last few months. With moving trailers came the need for purchasing our own appliances, and we saw him bless us with really good appliances. We were also given a new car in the fall, with more room for taking people (we often have a few people riding with us to church). God has been good, and we are thankful.

Pray that we would be able to disciple our students effectively. It can be hard to know what to say or how to help them with some of the circumstances they’re facing. Pray that they too would see God’s goodness and grow in godliness. Finally, pray for Chad and I as we raise Finneas in the Lord. He is at the age now where he is learning what no means, and is needing more discipline. Thank you for partnering with us in your prayers and support.

God bless,

Chad & Miriam